Makeup Ideas for a Costume Party

Costume parties ignite a spark of excitement and creativity, inviting us to step into the shoes of fictional characters or historical figures for a night of revelry and fun. While the perfect costume can certainly steal the show, it’s often the makeup that adds the finishing touch, transforming an ordinary look into something extraordinary. Whether you’re channelling a mystical creature, a beloved movie character, or a vintage icon, the right makeup can elevate your costume to new heights. Here, we’ll explore a plethora of makeup ideas to inspire your next costume party ensemble.

Fantasy Creatures

Delve into the realm of fantasy by embodying mythical creatures like unicorns, mermaids, or fairies. For a unicorn-inspired look, opt for pastel hues like soft pinks, purples, and blues. Adorn your cheeks with shimmering highlighter, and add some glitter to your eyelids for a magical sparkle. To transform into a mesmerising mermaid, embrace iridescent shades of turquoise and seafoam green, coupled with glittering scales painted along your temples and cheeks. For an ethereal fairy vibe, opt for gossamer wings drawn delicately around your eyes, accompanied by dewy, illuminated skin and petal-pink lips.

Historical Figures

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Travel back in time by embodying iconic historical figures, from glamorous flappers of the 1920s to regal queens of centuries past. For a 1920s-inspired look, focus on dramatic eyes with smoky eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and long, fluttery lashes. Pair this with bold, crimson lips and a sleek, bobbed hairstyle adorned with a sparkling headband. To channel the elegance of a Renaissance queen, use rich jewel tones like royal purple or green, complemented by a porcelain complexion and intricate braided updo crowned with ornate jewels or flowers.

Superheroes and Villains

Unleash your inner hero or villain by transforming into iconic characters from comic books and movies. For a superhero-inspired look, choose vibrant, primary colours to represent your chosen character’s costume. Emphasise your eyes with bold, graphic eyeliner and metallic eyeshadow. If you want to take it up a notch, consider adding a pair of scary eye contact lenses to truly embody the character’s persona. Don’t forget to apply lipstick or lip gloss to complete the look. Complete the villainous transformation with dark, sinister tones and dramatic accents. Incorporating costume contact lenses can also add an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal. Whether you’re saving the day or causing chaos, these makeup techniques will ensure you stand out at any costume party.

Pop Culture Icons

Celebrate your favourite pop culture icons by recreating their signature looks with makeup. Whether you’re paying homage to a beloved musician, actor, or fictional character, the key is to capture their distinctive style and essence. For example, channel the glamour of Marilyn Monroe with winged eyeliner, red lipstick, and a beauty mark drawn near the lips. Alternatively, embrace the bold, avant-garde aesthetic of David Bowie with vibrant eyeshadow in contrasting colours, dramatic eyeliner, and a bold lip to match.

Animals and Insects

Transform into creatures of the wild by embodying animals or insects with creative makeup techniques. For a feline-inspired look, use black eyeliner to create whiskers, draw a nose and outline your lips in a cat-like shape, and add dramatic eyeshadow to mimic a cat’s eyes. Complete the look with a pair of faux cat ears and a sleek, pulled-back hairstyle. Alternatively, embrace your inner butterfly with vibrant, iridescent eyeshadow in shades of blue, purple, and pink, paired with delicate winged eyeliner and fluttery false lashes.

Outer Space Explorers

Embark on a cosmic adventure by transforming into an otherworldly space explorer. Opt for metallic, shimmering shades to create a celestial-inspired look, with hues of silver, gold, and iridescent blue. Experiment with bold, geometric shapes around the eyes and temples to mimic futuristic armour or alien markings. Add glitter and rhinestones for an extra dose of intergalactic sparkle, and don’t forget to incorporate space-age accessories like metallic headpieces or futuristic goggles.

In a nutshell, the possibilities for makeup at a costume party are as limitless as your imagination. Whether you’re aiming for whimsical fantasy, historical authenticity, or contemporary pop culture flair, the key is to have lots of fun and let your creativity shine. With these makeup ideas as your guide, you’re sure to make a memorable impression at your next costume extravaganza. So, grab your brushes, unleash your inner artist, and prepare to dazzle and delight with your stunning transformation. After all, at a costume party, the only limit is your imagination.

Experimenting with Vampire Looks

In the world of fashion, where trends evolve and styles emerge, one genre perpetually maintains its allure—the enigmatic world of vampire fashion. Defined by its fusion of gothic elegance and dark allure, vampire fashion transcends time, captivating enthusiasts with its mystique and sophistication. From the classic Victorian-inspired attire to modern interpretations that blend the ethereal with the avant-garde, experimenting with vampire fashion opens a realm of endless possibilities, especially when it comes to events.

The Allure of Vampire Fashion

Vampire fashion, with its rich tapestry of history and folklore, serves as a captivating canvas for fashion experimentation. Rooted in the Gothic subculture, it draws inspiration from diverse sources, including literature, film, and mythology. At its core lies a fascination with the interplay of darkness and romance, allowing individuals to embody characters that are simultaneously alluring and menacing.

Events provide the perfect platform to unleash the creativity inherent in vampire fashion. Whether it’s a themed party, a masquerade ball, or a gothic-inspired gathering, attendees have the opportunity to explore and experiment with various elements of vampire fashion, from attire to accessories, makeup, and beyond.

Victorian Elegance Meets Modern Edge

coloured contacts Halloween

One of the most iconic representations of vampire fashion melds the refinement of the Victorian era with a contemporary twist. Characterised by intricate lace details, tailored suits, and floor-length gowns, this style exudes timeless elegance. Attendees at events can channel this sophistication by donning lace-adorned dresses or tailored coats, infusing their looks with a touch of aristocratic charm. For a modern edge, individuals might opt for sleek leather jackets or asymmetric hemlines, adding a rebellious flair to traditional attire. To further enhance the allure, some might choose to accentuate their eyes with piercing blue contact lenses, while others might opt for the mystique of green contact lenses, completing the mesmerising transformation into creatures of the night.

The Power of Accessories

Accessories play an important role in elevating any vampire-inspired ensemble. From jewellery to footwear, each piece contributes to the overall narrative and aesthetic. When experimenting with vampire fashion for events, consider incorporating accessories that accentuate the theme while reflecting individual style.

For women, ornate chokers, cameo brooches, and intricately designed earrings can add a touch of Victorian elegance, while leather gloves and statement belts infuse a modern edge. Footwear choices range from Victorian-inspired lace-up boots to sleek stiletto heels adorned with spikes or studs, depending on the desired aesthetic.

Men can accessorise their outfits with pocket watches, cufflinks, and intricately designed rings, embracing the sophistication of vintage-inspired accessories. Leather gloves, wide-brimmed hats, and embellished canes can also add a dramatic flair to any ensemble, exuding an air of mystery and refinement.

Makeup and Hairstyles: Evoking Drama and Intrigue

When it comes to makeup and hairstyles, the aim is to evoke drama and intrigue, completing the transformation into a captivating vampire persona. For women, achieving a flawless complexion serves as the canvas for darker accents. Smoky eyes, bold lips, and contoured cheekbones add intensity and allure to the look, while hairstyles range from sleek updos to cascading waves, adorned with ornate hair accessories for added flair.

Men, too, can enhance their features with subtle makeup, focusing on flawless skin and adding depth with smoky eyes if desired. Hairstyles vary from slicked-back hair to tousled locks, depending on the desired effect. To intensify the transformation, some may opt for the striking allure of coloured contacts Halloween, while others may choose the subtle mystique of Bella contact lenses, adding an extra layer of intrigue to their mesmerising appearance.

In a nutshell, experimenting with vampire fashion for events offers a unique opportunity to explore creativity, self-expression, and the timeless allure of the supernatural. Whether drawing inspiration from Victorian elegance or embracing modern interpretations with a contemporary edge, attendees have the freedom to craft ensembles that reflect their individual style while embodying the essence of vampire lore.

From elaborate gowns and tailored suits to statement accessories and striking makeup, every element contributes to the overall narrative, creating a cohesive and captivating look that commands attention. By embracing the elegance and edge inherent in vampire fashion, attendees can immerse themselves in a world of dark romance and intrigue, leaving an unforgettable impression at any event they attend.

How to Overcome Camera Shyness

In the era of social media dominance and digital communication, being comfortable in front of a camera has become increasingly important. Whether it’s for professional purposes, social media content creation, or personal documentation, the ability to present oneself confidently on camera can greatly enhance one’s opportunities and experiences. However, for many individuals, the thought of being in front of a camera can trigger feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness, leading to camera shyness. If you find yourself struggling with camera shyness, fear not – you’re not alone, and there are effective strategies you can employ to overcome it.

Understanding Camera Shyness

Camera shyness, also known as camera anxiety or stage fright, is a common phenomenon characterised by nervousness, self-consciousness, and discomfort when being photographed or filmed. This anxiety can stem from various factors, including fear of judgment, concern about one’s appearance, or discomfort with being the centre of attention. Regardless of the underlying reasons, camera shyness can hinder your ability to present yourself confidently and authentically on camera, limiting your opportunities for self-expression and connection.

Recognising the Importance of Overcoming Camera Shyness

leica digital camera

While camera shyness may seem like a minor inconvenience, its impact can be significant, particularly in today’s digital age. Whether you’re a professional seeking to enhance your online presence, a content creator looking to engage your audience, or an individual wanting to capture precious moments, overcoming camera shyness is essential for unlocking your full potential. By conquering your fears and developing confidence in front of the camera, you can improve your communication skills, boost your self-esteem, and open doors to new opportunities.

Strategies to Overcome Camera Shyness

Practice, Practice, Practice: Like any skill, overcoming camera shyness requires practice. Start by familiarising yourself with being in front of the camera in a low-pressure environment. Take selfies, record short videos, or practice speaking in front of a mirror to gradually acclimate yourself to being observed.

Visualise Success: Visualisation can be a powerful tool for overcoming camera shyness. Before facing the camera, take a few moments to visualise yourself feeling calm, confident, and composed. Imagine yourself delivering your message flawlessly and connecting with your audience effectively. This mental rehearsal can help you control your nerves to some extent and feel more confident in front of the camera.

Focus on the Message, Not the Messenger: Shift your focus away from yourself and onto the message you want to convey. Instead of fixating on your appearance or how you’re being perceived, concentrate on communicating your ideas, emotions, or story authentically. Remind yourself that your message is more important than any perceived flaws or insecurities.

Practice Relaxation Techniques: Incorporate relaxation techniques into your pre-camera routine to calm your nerves and centre yourself. Take a moment before your photoshoot session to practice deep breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation to calm your nerves. Always remember that if quality equipment like a Leica digital camera is being used, then you don’t have to worry a lot about how you would look. Quality equipment like Leica cameras has many features that can help the photographer to take the best shots. Just trust the process and be yourself. This would do the magic.

Start Small, Then Expand Your Comfort Zone: Begin by gradually exposing yourself to increasingly challenging camera situations. Start with short videos or photoshoots in a familiar and supportive environment, then progressively expand your comfort zone by tackling more demanding projects or situations. Take some time to appreciate the little progress you make everyday as this will motivate you to keep on improving yourself and be the best.

Seek Support and Feedback: Don’t hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or colleagues who can provide encouragement and constructive feedback. Share your concerns and goals with them, and ask for their help in practising and refining your camera skills. Positive reinforcement and constructive criticism can boost your confidence and accelerate your growth.

Dress and Prepare with Confidence: Choose clothing and accessories that make you feel comfortable, confident, and authentic. Ensure that you’re well-groomed and prepared for the camera session, which can help boost your self-assurance and presentation. Don’t forget – when you look good, you feel good – and confidence shines through the lens.

Embrace Imperfection: Accept that no one is perfect, and imperfections are part of what makes us human. Instead of striving for flawless perfection, embrace your authenticity and uniqueness. Recognise that it’s okay to make mistakes or stumble occasionally – what matters most is how you respond and continue to grow.

Practice Positive Self-Talk: Challenge negative self-talk and replace it with affirmations and encouragement. Repeat empowering phrases such as “I am confident,” “I am worthy,” or “I am capable” to boost your self-esteem and resilience.

Celebrate Your Progress: Each step you take toward overcoming camera shyness is a victory worth celebrating. Acknowledge your efforts, no matter how small, and recognise the courage and determination it takes to confront your fears and step into the spotlight.

All in all, camera shyness may present challenges, but with the right strategies and mindset, it’s entirely possible to overcome them. Keep on reminding yourself that the camera is merely a tool – it’s your authentic self and message that truly matter. So, take a deep breath, step into the frame, and let your light shine bright for the world to see. You’ve got this!

A Guide to Looking Stylish in Summer

Summer is all about going out to enjoy the sun and do some outdoor adventures. It’s also a time when the fashion scene undergoes a vibrant transformation. With the rising temperatures, you’ll need a wardrobe that not only keeps you cool but also helps you look stylish and comfortable. This guide will provide you with essential tips and tricks to stay chic and fashionable throughout the summer season.

Embrace Light and Breathable Fabrics

When the mercury soars, the choice of fabrics becomes crucial to staying comfortable and stylish. Opt for lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton, linen, chambray, and seersucker. These fabrics let your skin breathe, due to which you won’t sweat that much. Linen, for instance, not only feels cool against your skin but also adds a touch of effortless elegance to your summer outfits.

Choose Bright and Vibrant Colours

Summertime is perfect for experimenting with bold and vibrant colours. Embrace shades of coral, turquoise, lemon yellow, and tropical prints to add a pop of freshness to your wardrobe. Bright colours not only reflect sunlight but also exude a cheerful and lively vibe that perfectly complements the season.

Maximise Your Sun Protection

coloured contacts

Staying stylish in summer isn’t just about clothing; it’s also about protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Consider investing in wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and quality sunscreens. It is important to put on sunscreen in Australia when going out as sun rays can damage your skin. These proactive steps will help you enjoy the sunny season while keeping your skin healthy and radiant.

Incorporate Lightweight Layers

Layering isn’t just for the colder months. In summer, you can create stylish outfits by layering lightweight pieces. Consider adding a breezy kimono, a sheer blouse, or a lightweight cardigan to your ensemble. These layers not only provide style versatility but also offer a practical way to stay warm on cooler summer evenings.

Opt for Comfortable Footwear

Walking around in uncomfortable shoes during the summer can be a nightmare. Opt for stylish yet comfortable footwear options like espadrilles, slide sandals, or canvas sneakers. These choices not only keep your feet cool but also ensure you can enjoy all your summer activities in style.

Invest in Versatile Accessories

Accessories can make or break your summer style. Invest in versatile accessories like statement necklaces, oversized earrings, and woven belts that can elevate your look effortlessly. These accessories can transform even the simplest outfit into a stylish ensemble.

Experiment with Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are a must-have in your warm-weather wardrobe. Whether you prefer maxi dresses, sundresses, or wrap dresses, they provide a comfortable and stylish solution for those scorching days. Floral prints, pastel shades, and lightweight fabrics are perfect for achieving a chic summer look.

Mix and Match Your Outfits

One of the keys to looking stylish in summer is mixing and matching your wardrobe pieces. Create various outfits by combining tops, bottoms, and accessories in different ways. This not only maximises your clothing options but also allows you to express your unique style.

Keep Your Makeup Light and Fresh

In hot weather, heavy makeup can feel uncomfortable and melt away quickly. Opt for a lightweight foundation that won’t feel heavy on your skin, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. You can also experiment with coloured contacts to step up your fashion game. Blue contacts are a great choice to add a playful and refreshing touch to your look, while shades like pink and purple can help to recreate a look from your favourite movie. Try to keep your eye makeup simple to achieve that fresh-faced summer glow, and don’t forget to add a pop of colour to your lips, which can instantly elevate your style and complete your summery makeup look.

Hydrate and Stay Cool

Staying stylish in summer also means taking care of yourself. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating refreshing fruits like watermelon and cucumber to keep your body cool from the inside. When you feel good on the inside, it reflects in your overall style.

All in all, summer is a time for embracing the sun and enjoying outdoor activities, and looking stylish shouldn’t be a hassle. By following these tips, you can build a fashionable summer wardrobe that keeps you cool, confident, and comfortable. So, go ahead and make the most of this vibrant season by stepping out in style and letting your inner fashionista shine.

How to Savour Short Family Holidays

Our daily lives have become so busy that finding quality time to spend with your family has become quite a task. Balancing work, school, and various commitments often leaves us with only short windows of opportunity for family vacations. While it may seem daunting to make the most of these brief getaways, with the right approach, you can savour every moment and create lasting memories. Here, we’ll explore valuable tips and strategies on how to savour short family holidays.

Plan Ahead with Precision

When you have limited time for a family vacation, careful planning becomes essential. Start by setting clear goals and expectations for your short holiday. Discuss with your family members what activities or experiences are a priority for them. Whether it’s exploring a new city, relaxing on the beach, or embarking on an outdoor adventure, having a clear plan will help you make the most of your time.

Research your destination thoroughly and create a flexible itinerary that allows for spontaneous moments while ensuring you hit your must-see spots. Consider booking accommodations close to your planned activities to minimise travel time. Prioritise the activities that matter most to your family, but also leave room for downtime to relax and bond.

Embrace Slow Travel

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Short family holidays don’t have to be a whirlwind of activities and sightseeing. In fact, slowing down and immersing yourself in the local culture can make your trip more meaningful. Instead of trying to see and do everything, pick a few key experiences that resonate with your family.

Choose quality over quantity, and focus on creating deep connections with the destination and each other. Whether it’s enjoying a leisurely meal at a local restaurant, taking a scenic walk, or simply sitting in a park and people-watching, these moments can be just as memorable as checking off tourist attractions.

Disconnect to Reconnect

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s easy to get caught up in the digital distractions that follow us everywhere. However, to truly savour short family holidays, consider disconnecting from screens and social media, at least for some part of your trip. Challenge each family member to put away their devices and be present in the moment.

Engaging in conversations, playing games, and sharing stories without the constant interruption of notifications can foster deeper connections and create cherished memories. It also allows you to fully appreciate the beauty and wonder of your surroundings.

Capture Moments, Not Just Photos

While it’s tempting to document every moment with photographs, remember that the act of taking photos can sometimes take away from the experience itself. Instead of focusing solely on creating a visual record of your trip, take the time to fully experience the moments you want to remember.

Involve Everyone in Decision-Making

One way to ensure that everyone enjoys and savours the short family holiday is to involve every family member in the decision-making process. Ask each person what they’d like to do or see during the trip, and try to accommodate their preferences within the constraints of your limited time.

By giving everyone a say in the planning, you’ll create a sense of ownership and excitement for the trip. It also ensures that each family member has the opportunity to pursue their interests and make the most of the time together.

Cherish the Little Moments

It’s often the small, unexpected moments that make family holidays truly special. Don’t overlook the beauty of a sunrise, a shared laughter-filled meal, or a chance encounter with a local resident. These moments can be the heartwarming highlights of your trip.

Encourage your family to stay open to serendipity and embrace spontaneity. Some of the best memories are often created when you least expect them.

Create Traditions and Rituals

Even on short family holidays, you can establish traditions and rituals that make the trip unique and memorable. Whether it’s a special breakfast spot you visit every morning, a family game night, or a nightly storytelling session, these traditions can become cherished memories that your family looks forward to on every vacation.

Having these rituals can also create a sense of continuity and connection between different trips, making each one feel like a chapter in an ongoing adventure.

Reflect and Express Gratitude

Before your short family holiday ends, take some time to reflect on the experiences you’ve shared. Sit down together and talk about your favourite moments, what you’ve learned, and how you’ve grown as a family during the trip.

Express gratitude for the opportunity to spend quality time together and savour the moments you’ve created. Encourage your family to share their thoughts and feelings, fostering open and meaningful communication.

Never forget – each family member is different, and some people might find sharing their feelings with others daunting. Try to talk to them when doing activities like looking for cigars online or some other last-minute gifts to take back home. Cigars in Melbourne are good, and you can also buy them for yourself as a holiday present.

Carry the Memories Home

The end of a short family holiday doesn’t mean the end of the experience. Carry the memories and lessons learned during your trip back into your daily life. Share stories, look at photos, and continue to connect with one another through the experiences you’ve shared.

Consider creating a scrapbook or journal to document your family holidays over time so you can revisit them and relive the memories together. This ongoing connection to your trips can strengthen your family bonds.

With careful planning, mindful presence, and a commitment to creating lasting memories, you can turn even the shortest vacations into cherished family moments that will be remembered for years to come. So, pack your bags, disconnect from the distractions of everyday life, and embark on a journey of togetherness that will leave you with a lifetime of treasured memories.

Dressing Up for a Morning Party

Parties come in all shapes and sizes, and while many associate them with the nighttime revelry under the shimmering stars, morning parties have their unique charm. Whether you’re attending a brunch, a birthday celebration, a bridal shower, or even a Halloween gathering, dressing up for a morning party presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. Here, we’ll explore the art of dressing up for a morning party and share tips to help you effortlessly exude elegance.

Embrace Daylight-Friendly Fabrics

The first rule of dressing up for a morning party is to choose fabrics that are suitable for daytime wear. Light and breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and chambray work wonders for morning events. These materials allow your skin to breathe and adapt well to the warm daylight hours. Consider the weather as well when choosing your attire, as a sunny morning may require different fabric choices than a cooler autumn morning.

Opt for Bright and Cheerful Colors

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Morning parties often revolve around a sense of freshness and vitality. To complement the ambiance, opt for bright and cheerful colors that uplift your mood and radiate positivity. Pastel shades like baby blue, mint green, or soft pink are excellent choices. If you prefer bolder colors, consider vibrant yellows, corals, or aqua blues. These hues not only match the morning spirit but also enhance your overall appearance.

Dress to Impress: Outfit Ideas

Now, let’s delve into specific outfit ideas for various morning parties:

Garden Brunch: For a garden brunch, a flowy floral sundress paired with comfortable wedges and a wide-brimmed hat creates a relaxed yet chic look. Add some statement earrings and a tote bag, and you’re ready to sip mimosas amidst blooming flowers.

Bridal Shower: Attending a bridal shower in the morning? Choose a knee-length A-line dress in a soft, pastel shade. Opt for delicate accessories like pearl earrings and a matching bracelet. Nude or blush heels complete the elegant ensemble.

Birthday Celebration: A morning birthday party calls for a semi-casual approach. Consider high-waisted tailored trousers paired with a fitted blouse. Add a statement belt, some stylish loafers, and minimalistic jewelry for a polished look.

Halloween Morning Party: If you’re dressing up for a Halloween morning party, aim for a costume that is comfortable and easy to move in. Think cute and quirky rather than scary. A themed t-shirt, jeans, and some fun accessories can transform you into a festive participant without the fuss.

Pay Attention to the Details

Morning parties often allow you to get creative with your attire. Pay attention to these details to step up your fashion game:

Accessories: Choose your accessories wisely. A statement necklace, a pair of elegant studs, or a stylish wristwatch can add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

Footwear: Opt for comfortable yet stylish footwear. Sandals, ballet flats, or low-heeled shoes work well for morning events.

Hairstyle: Go for a hairstyle that suits the occasion. Loose waves or a simple bun can be elegant choices. Make sure your hairstyle complements your outfit and doesn’t overshadow it.

Maintain a Balanced Makeup Look

When it comes to your makeup at a morning party, striking the right balance is essential. Start by applying sun cream to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Look for sunscreens that are light on the skin. For those who plan on wearing ‘colored contacts Halloween’ for the party, be sure to choose lenses that enhance your look without overpowering it. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your makeup light and natural, as morning sunlight tends to be unforgiving, and heavy makeup may not be your best friend.

Consider the Theme

If the morning party has a specific theme, make sure your attire aligns with it. Themed parties offer a great opportunity to get creative with your outfit. For example, if it’s a retro-themed morning party, go for a vintage dress and accessories to channel the era’s charm.

Dress Comfortably

One of the key aspects of dressing up for a morning party is comfort. Morning events often involve activities like mingling, brunching, or outdoor games. Make sure your outfit allows you to move comfortably and doesn’t restrict your enjoyment of the party.

Layers for Versatility

Morning temperatures can vary, so consider layering your outfit. A light cardigan, a stylish blazer, or a cropped jacket can add versatility to your look. You can easily remove or add layers based on the weather conditions.

Plan Ahead

Planning your outfit can help you focus on the little details that can make all the difference. Take time to choose the right pieces, ensure they are clean and well-maintained, and make any necessary alterations. This way, you can avoid any last-minute wardrobe crises and confidently step out to enjoy the morning party.

By selecting the right fabrics, colours and accessories, you can effortlessly stand out as the best-dressed guest at any morning gathering. So, the next time you receive an invitation to a morning party, embrace the opportunity to showcase your impeccable style and make lasting memories under the morning sun.

Smart Locks for Smart Riders: Helmet Security

In the fast-paced world of modern transportation, safety remains a paramount concern for riders. Whether cruising on a motorcycle or pedalling on a bicycle, the need to protect oneself is universal. While helmets play a crucial role in safeguarding riders’ heads, securing these essential accessories when not in use has led to innovative solutions such as helmet lock systems. In this article, we delve into helmet security, exploring how smart locks change the game for riders seeking a convenient and foolproof way to protect their headgear.

The Evolution of Helmet Security:

Traditionally, helmet security has been an ongoing concern for riders. Leaving helmets unattended on a parked bike or outside a café can cause worry. Thieves, attracted to the value of quality helmets, pose a genuine threat to riders’ gear. While simple cable or combination locks have been used to mitigate the risk, these solutions often have limitations.

Enter the era of smart locks. With technological advancements, riders can now access innovative helmet lock solutions that integrate seamlessly into their daily routines. Smart locks leverage cutting-edge features to provide heightened security while maintaining user-friendly convenience.

Unveiling Smart Helmet Locks:

Smart helmet locks take the concept of security to new heights. Designed with user experience in mind, these locks combine modern technology and robust materials to create a comprehensive solution. Utilising Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even GPS connectivity, smart locks offer a range of benefits that cater to the needs of modern riders.

One standout feature is the remote control functionality. With a dedicated smartphone app, riders can lock or unlock their helmets with a simple tap. This is particularly useful when a rider needs to leave their helmet with their vehicle while making a quick pit stop. Riders no longer need to fumble with keys or remember complex combinations—smart locks make securing their helmets effortless.

Tailored Solutions for Bicyclists:

The rise of eco-friendly transportation modes, such as bicycles and electric scooters, has brought about unique challenges for riders. Carrying a helmet everywhere can be inconvenient, especially when stopping for a short errand. Helmet lock for bike systems addresses this issue effectively.

These specialised locks are designed to be mounted on bicycles and electric scooters. They provide a secure and reliable way to lock the helmet to the vehicle when not in use. The lock’s design often complements the bike’s aesthetics and ensures the helmet remains safe from theft or accidental damage.

Enhanced Security Features:

One of the critical advantages of intelligent helmet locks is their enhanced security features. Many models come equipped with tamper alerts, which notify the rider if someone attempts to force or remove the helmet. This added layer of security brings peace of mind to riders, especially when leaving their helmets unattended in public spaces.

Additionally, some smart locks offer geolocation tracking. This feature proves invaluable when riders need to remember where they parked their bike or vehicle. The app can guide them back to their helmet’s location, minimising frustration and saving time.

The Future of Helmet Security:

As technology continues to evolve, helmet security is poised for further innovation. Predictive analytics and integration with vehicle systems are just some of the possibilities. Imagine a helmet lock that automatically engages when it detects the rider moving away from the vehicle, eliminating the need for manual locking.

Furthermore, a network effect could emerge as more riders adopt smart helmet locks. Riders might gain access to shared helmet lock systems, enabling them to securely store their helmets in designated areas without the need to carry locks themselves.

In an era where intelligent solutions are redefining our daily lives, it’s no surprise that they’re also revolutionising the world of helmet security. Smart locks provide riders a seamless way to protect their valuable gear, blending convenience with cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s a helmet lock for a bike, a motorcycle, or any other mode of transportation, these systems offer a glimpse into the future of rider safety. As more riders recognize the benefits of smart locks, the roads—and the parking spots—will become safer, more secure, and ultimately, more enjoyable for everyone.

The Best Place To Buy Electric Bicycle In Australia

Electric bicycles are an easy means of getting around and much safer than motorised scooters. They are a great option for commuters, as well as anyone looking to get into cycling. An average electric bicycle has the ability to provide physical activity while still getting you from point A to point B quickly, making it an ideal choice for commuters.

The best place to buy an electric bike in Australia is a retailer that offers efficient city bikes, mountain bikes, and free rides. These bikes have smooth rides and are guaranteed to save time by avoiding traffic. With an electric bike, commuters can enjoy the benefits of public transportation without the hassle of waiting for a bus or train. Plus, electric bicycles are eco-friendly and can help reduce carbon emissions. With quality Brompton bicycle available at affordable prices, buying an electric bicycle in Australia is a great way to get around faster and easier while helping protect the environment.

Brompton electric

Foldable electric bikes are perfect for those who need to store their bike in a small space, while handy electric bikes are great for commuters. Brompton electric mountain bikes provide extra power and stability when riding off-road, while road bikes offer superior speed and agility on paved surfaces. Bike buying should be done with an eye towards comfort and performance, so it is important to consider the type of terrain you will be riding on before making a purchase. Bike maintenance tips can help ensure your electric bicycle runs smoothly and safely throughout its lifespan. The best commuter bike should also have safety features like puncture-proof tires or reflective lights for added visibility at night.

Brompton bicycle is becoming increasingly popular in Australia due to their ability to provide a great range and be reliable. For those looking for a hybrid electric bike, Urban Bicycle has an excellent selection. They use standard bicycle manufacturing techniques combined with advanced technologies such as Lithium-Ion batteries for maximum efficiency and longer range. Mountain biking enthusiasts can also find a great selection of e-bikes online from Urban Bicycle, including those designed specifically for off-road riding or road racing. Commuters will love the convenience of being able to cycle on the road while still having access to all the features they need like high-performance brakes, integrated lights, and back racks. Electric hybrids are perfect for those who want the best of both worlds—the power of an electric bike combined with the convenience of a standard bicycle.

Australia has some of the best electric bike retailers in the world, offering new electric bikes at competitive prices. They have a wide range of bikes across Australia and some offer accessible bikes with a battery life of up to 50km. Prices vary depending on the brand, but you can find some of the cheapest brands available with fast delivery to your door. With so many options to choose from, there is sure to be an electric bike that suits your power needs and budget.

They offer a wide range of options, so you can choose one that fits your needs and user preferences. With their high-quality components, these bikes are the best option on the market in Australia. Even if your budget is tight, there are many budget-friendly options available that still provide a great quality bike.

The electric bike Australia offers a great range of both conventional bikes and electric bikes at an affordable prices. With electric bicycles available for as little as $500 you can find an ideal machine for your needs. If you’re looking for the best place to buy an electric bicycle in Australia offering a wide selection of both conventional and electric bikes, this store is sure to have something to suit your needs. Plus, with free shipping on orders over $75, you’ll get your new bike delivered straight to your door! When riding an electric bicycle in Australia, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the laws concerning their use on public roads. Electric motor-assisted bicycles must have a power output of 250 watts or less and are limited to 25km/h (15mph). This means that when cycling on bike lanes or shared paths you should not exceed this speed limit so as not to endanger other road users or cyclists around you.

When looking for the best place to buy electric bicycles in Australia, there are many factors to consider. Firstly, look for electric bike motors that are powerful and reliable and make sure the brakes are of good quality. Secondly, check that the electric motor is also in a good condition. Thirdly, make sure that the wheels are sturdy and can withstand city traffic easily. Fourthly, ensure that any conversion kits you purchase have all the necessary parts in good condition so you can upgrade your bike if needed later on. Finally, make sure that the bikes you buy have been built with these features in mind as this will ensure your safety when cycling around town or on shared paths with other cyclists or road users.

If you are looking for the best place to buy an electric bicycle in Australia, then you should consider e-bikes. They offer a range of electric bikes with powerful electric motors, reliable power supply and longer mileage than traditional bicycles. This means that the average biker can cover greater distances without having to worry about running out of energy or fuel. Additionally, these bikes use batteries which can be recharged making them more environmentally friendly as one less fuel guzzler on our roads. The potential uses for e-bikes are numerous including commuting in cities and towns, taking leisurely rides through scenic routes or even using them for distance cycling events and races.

For those in Australia who are looking for the best place to buy an electric bicycle, look no further than electric bicycles. They specialize in electric bike-ready and final electric bike products with over 500 standard bikes and parts like batteries, current bike conversion kits and more. Additionally, they also sell advanced parts so you can customize your bike into an electric version. With their expert knowledge of e-bikes and accessories, they are the leading retailer in Australia for all types of bikes and cycle-related items including batteries.

UFC 243- Biggest event in Melbourne

Usually, people make trash talks before getting into the boxing ring. This Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 243 is quite a different event. Both men are champions in the middleweight category, but many people expect a showdown between them as a stadium event. While this blockbuster will be between Australia and New Zealand’s UFC martial arts fighters, it’s a sold-out event for the organizers. Can Robert Whittaker defend his title, or will NZ’s Israel Adesanya win this epic battle?

What is The UFC 243?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a company in Las Vegas (America) that that promotes mixed martial arts event. The promoters of UFC use competitions unveil fighters with top martial art skills, and the best is selected by a panel of judges. Usually, contestants display different skills like boxing, karate, judo, and kickboxing. However, there are categories of weight divisions for fighters. The UFC 243 will the biggest fight in Oceania, and it might differ from other middleweight division fights.

Australians are excited because Robert Whittaker is their first UFC champion, and he will be fighting a superstar from neighbouring New Zealand. Also, the UFC is coming to Australia with great expectations. Since December 8, 2017, after winning this middleweight title, Whittaker hasn’t lost the belt.

Winning wrestler

Why will The UFC 243 be a Big Event?

This fight will be Australia’s biggest because UFC 243 is creating an opportunity for champions of the same weight categories to impress their fans. Also, this UFC middleweight fight will attract about 60,000 fans to the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne. A martial art event of this magnitude has never been seen in Australia. As Robert Whittaker plans to unify the middleweight division title, NZ’s interim champion (Israel Adesanya) wants to make a milestone event for his fans.

Since 2017, Whittaker is a middleweight champion that has been breaking records at UFC events. His fans are expecting an epic battle that will crown him as the world’s best middleweight champ on October 5, 2019. However, the Kiwi superstar doesn’t seem like an underdog because he has beaten Anderson Silva and Kelvin Gastelum. In New Zealand, Adesanya is the biggest UFC fighter. Most New Zealanders think Adesanya’s martial arts technique is the best in combat sports.

Who has The Bigger Chance of Winning?

In combat sports like martial arts, it’s tricky to know who wins the title after a hard-fought battle. According to martial arts combat analysts, Whittaker delivers precise killer punches. October 6 is the National Rugby League finals in Sydney and the day of this UFC fight. On that day, the world will see a new undisputed UFC middleweight champion from Oceania. After defeating Yoel Romero, Whittaker has lost a chance of defending his title against Kelvin Gastelum in a UFC 234 clash. Unlike the Australian that became a full middleweight champion by default, Adesanya comes prepared for a battle that might elevate him from an interim championship position.

Additionally, Whittaker was fortunate to miss another chance of defending his title in 2018. Luke Rockhold never got the chance of knocking Whittaker down at the UFC 221 event because the fight was cancelled after the latter took ill. So, many martial arts enthusiasts couldn’t see that epic match in Perth. It’s right to say that New Zealand’s Adesanya appears more prepared for his Aussie opponent. In his last six matches, Adesanya has knocked down all the opponents. However, it will be an opportunity to leave the interim champion title and cling to an undisputed middleweight UFC champ.

Endorsements that changed the game

The rule of thumb amongst these companies go: “The bigger the icon, the higher the sales for our products.” It’s actually amazing how these influential athletes leave an impact on a product affecting the consumer’s perception and purchasing capacity. As people hail them and their talents, so do the products they endorse. It’s enough for them to buy shoes thinking that the fastest man in the world wears the same shoes as them. Or to buy the shirt the strongest weightlifter has.

This business strategy sustains million-dollar sports industries because of this predictable consumer behaviour. Brands are established based on its products’ association to the athlete endorsers they had signed up and customized for. But what happens to the real game they are supposed to play when they get busy making themselves famous and known for these endorsers? Do their abilities as an athlete get compromised to give way for more deals with these companies? Let’s take a closer look.

Here are examples of athlete endorsements that changed the game.


  1. In 1919, Chuck Taylor, then 17 years old, was playing for high school basketball tournaments when All-Stars Converse came up with the first non-skids. The supposed high-performance athletic shoes made specifically for basketball. He was about to soar high as a professional basketball player when All-Stars Converse offered him a job to endorse their shoes during stadium events and major supporting causes. He accepted the job and toured the country promoting the shoes while doing basketball workshops, basketball clinics, meeting up with clients and made guest appearances. As young as he was and probably, not aware of business deals just yet, he didn’t get anything from the 600 million pairs he sold over time. Because of over 40 years that he had dedicated to Converse company, getting involved in how to improve it for the better and continuously endorsing it in full effort, the Converse All-Stars was named after him and is now widely known as ‘Chucks’. It is still massively reproduced until today simultaneously offering it in leather (instead of the usual upper cotton canvas) and in a variety of colours. Nowadays, sales of basketball sneakers highly rely on who is it customized after. That’s why brands run after who is the best in each sport to represent the quality and performance their products provide probably because of All-Stars success.

Trained swimmer


  1. Despite the fact that point guard, Russell Westbrook has numerous awards, one of them being the most valuable and loyal player in the NBA, he doesn’t get exempted from wanting the endorsement limelight in the end. For the longest time since high school, he never failed to conform to the bouts of playing as a team until he reached the professional courts. But when Durant left OKC Thunder to become a more famous player in pursuit of product endorsement deals for himself, Russell’s performance started to get noticed to be for himself as well by being a ball hogger. He totally changed the game as spectators have perceived making it more of “me than we”. He gained some fame for himself which attracted huge endorsers like Nike/Jordan. Always willing to pay a lot for their brand to be carried by one of the bests, ranking equal second-most in all triple-doubles from his 138 regular playing seasons and his 10 playoff triple-doubles ranking fourth-most all-time was enough for Nike to keep him branded. Being the 5th highest paid in the NBA with a worth (less his assets) of $100 million dollars, he’ll be a 29-year old earner of a $38.6 million and probably become one of the richest athletes in America beating James Harden and LeBron James.


  1. If you would actually google who is the best athlete in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo would probably be enlisted top 2 only next to Lionel Messi. A lot of people know that Ronaldo leads soccer globally. But statistics prove that Lionel Messi deserves the top spot. But is this because Ronaldo puts more time in endorsements rather than being out in the field perfecting his skills? Perhaps. Because it’s undeniable that he earns a whopping US$35 million dollars/year (US$5 million over his salary from Juventus/year) from the endorsements alone. As compared to Lionel Messi who is paid US$80 million by salary and only US$27 million dollars in endorsements.


Majority of the fans know Cristiano Ronaldo by face more than his rival Messi too because, on top of his endorsements, Ronaldo has lots of charity events tied up to his multi-awarded list of achievements and is mostly seen on advertisements and is supported by EA games all the way than anybody else. He is also known to have supported various sporting corporate events. Although a lot would agree that Messi already earned US$500+ doing nothing as you finish this article, his name doesn’t resonate as much as that of Ronaldo. The real question is, could have the stats been any different if Ronaldo was more focused on his game and not in the endorsements?

These are but a few of the athletes that earn more from endorsements than their salary. There are a lot of controversies that athletes would rather make a name for themselves that way than from what they do. It’s a demeaning practice for anybody who chooses to earn this way but besides the fact that you can’t be an athlete forever, business is still business.


Expert Business Travel Tips

I acknowledge travel was the most fun and interesting part of my occupation, although admittedly business trips can be quite stressful. Really, I had been an avid traveller before travelling turned into a lifestyle for me, and sure enough that I always took good advantage of seminars abroad to research whichever area I needed to visit. Seminars could cover topics such as building sales, or venture capital, and it’s always good to know more. Travelling for business is unquestionably less spontaneous, there is always a program to follow along with, a meeting to attend, an occasion to visit. And while somebody that travels for pleasure may take his time to get over jet lag and will not need to bother with a dress code, the exact same cannot be said for somebody that travelling for business.

Having heard from my errors, I adhere to a few straightforward suggestions which help me to become better prepared for business travel, whether you are a business coach or manager these tips will help you get through your trips.

Keep your passport and important documents organised
Sounds pretty clear, right? Well trust me, it is not. I hadn’t recognised my passport had nearly run out of blank pages, and nearly got stuck in the border control. Be certain that you look at your passport and other travelling documents prior to travelling. Should you require a visa, then do give yourself lots of time to prepare, because some embassies might be slow, or the practice of obtaining a visa might be somewhat tricky.

Always have a Fantastic travel insurance
The final thing I need for when I’m travelling is becoming ill, especially on a business trip where it is often little or no downtime. But it might occur, and it sure has occurred. You never know when illness or accidents will occur. I was very happy I could rely on a fantastic travel insurance when I got an upset stomach, I was able to get medical attention and get back on my feet fast and keep up my worker productivity on the go. In any case, I’m sure to always take general medical supplies and medications, together with prescription medications I might need if I get ill.

Join a few frequent flyer programs
Among the very best travelling tips I ever got was awarded to me by a friend, he proposed to combine loyalty programs offered by airlines to ensure every time I had fly, I would be awarded a few miles and then, the moment I’d achieve a specific number of miles, I really could use them to receive a free air-plane ticket. I’m now going to devote the many miles gathered in the previous few years to fly into the other areas of the earth. You might even join programs run by hotels and resorts for free accommodation.

Get a fantastic location to stay
I generally do not mind staying in hostel dorms, but I avoid them if I’m travelling for business reasons. When travelling for business, you really need good sleep for the long days out and about. The ideal thing to do if travelling for business is to obtain a ventilated apartment, particularly if the company trip is more than a few weeks. What I enjoy about an apartment versus a hotel area is the fact that it’s more spacious and feels uncluttered, so I’m more comfortable. A fantastic apartment includes all of the comforts such as a comfortable bed, a spacious bath, a comfy couch and a television, a completely equipped kitchen, and a washing machine and a dryer. You will want a comfortable homely place to come back to after all the time spent in commercial buildings at meetings and functions.

Be Sure to have functioning WiFi
I despise being disconnected. You obviously need a connection to accomplish business tasks as well as communicate. A fantastic approach to avoid this problem is to take a mobile wireless device, it saves the hassle of hunting for a location with adequate WiFi and of obtaining a regional SIM card.

Pack sensibly
Packing for a company trip isn’t the exact same thing as packaging for a vacation. There’s an unspoken rule that you should dress smartly for meetings. I am certain to take a few versatile outfits appropriate for meetings and some sensible shoes, as well as some nicer outfits to wear at events. Packing cubes assist keeping things in order within the bag, and decrease the risk of creasing. Another smart thing to do would be to package a spare change of clothing in the carry on bag. This is an excess precaution if your main luggage somehow doesn’t make it to your destination, at least you have a fresh change of clothes as back-up.

Eat healthily and stay hydrated
Conferences, business meetings, and events all have something in common: lots of great food, and a lot of alcohol. However, all that fantastic food and that alcohol are not necessarily great for your body. Eating too much rich and unhealthy foods can cause sleep problems as well as skin breakouts and indigestion. When I’m on a business trip I try to eat as healthy as possible, consuming fresh produce prepared to create a healthy, delicious meal, and choosing healthy options from the menu. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water to remain hydrated.

Perhaps you have been on a business trip? What are the best tips for business travel?

Best Hotels For Athletes

Not so long ago, fitness enthusiasts were given a low priority as hotels offered the most basic, frequently run-down fitness facilities. In these scenarios, the absence of a designated workout area meant that you may have relegated to performing squats down the hallway, running up and down the staircase (with the persistent fear of being locked inside the staircase) or developing a mini-gym in the hotel room.

Welcome to a new age of hotels. In recent years, hotels have listened to the requirements of fitness-minded travelers — 53 percent of street warriors say they always or frequently exercise on the street, with 52 percent phoning the resort gym their favored exercise area, as per a TripAdvisor poll — and therefore are upping the ante in their exercise supplies.

For starters, the number of hotels with fitness centers — 84 percent to be precise — reached an all-time large in 2012, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association. That is up from 63 percent in 2004. However, while fitness facilities are fine, some resorts are pulling all the stops to assist guests to remain healthy and fit. And this trend occurs around the world too, with the best hotels in Hobart, Tasmania, upgrading their gyms to cater to this need.

Four hotels within our list of hotels provide free bike rental. Others have the choice of reserving rooms with gym gear such as elliptical and stationary bicycles — and to get a few, light equipment like exercise balls and yoga mats are normal for many guests. If you would like to lighten your bag, leave your fitness clothing at home when you’re staying in some of our choices: chains such as Trump and Westin are you covered (check for availability, of course).

TRYP by Wyndham

Get your physical fitness fix privately — in your area, no less — so you can exercise if the mood strikes. Just reserve a touch Fitness Room (you are going to need to pay slightly additional) at any of those 100-plus TRYP locations around the Earth, and your area will come stocked with a workout machine (such as a stationary bike, rowing machine or treadmill) and free exercise clothes. There is also enough space to do Olympic wrestling, for example.

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

Staying fit in Fairmont requires little besides a telephone call to the front desk where you could ask Fairmont Fit. You will then get Reebok workout clothes and apparel, an MP3 player pre-loaded using songs, and yoga mat and extend band you’ll be able to use throughout your stay. (You need to be a part of this President’s Club, which will be absolutely free. When you register you are going to be asked to complete your attire sizes so that info can be obtained to Fairmont staff when you call.) Hell, perhaps they would even provide you with basketball jerseys if you ask them for it. Really like the gym equipment? You have the choice to buy it. Place that equipment to function when you check out a free BMW Cruise Bike, available at Fairmont places around the globe. (President’s Club members gain priority access.) Or if you are fortunate enough to remain at a place that delivers this, choose an advanced exercise course (fees may employ) like Aerial Yoga in Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona in which you make use of a hammock suspended from the ceiling, or even Floating Yoga in the Fairmont Orchid on Hawaii’s Big Island where you can do yoga on stand-up paddleboards.

Affinia Hotels

This boutique chain with locations from New York and Washington, D.C. takes bike-friendliness into another level. Not only do three Manhattan locations provide free use of custom-made Affinia bikes, complete with helmet, lock, and record of bicycle parking, but they also offer you the assistance of a “bicycle counselor” who directs guests on guided town bicycle tours. In addition to this, all Affinia places offer you free “experience kits” upon petition, such as a fitness kit (with a yoga mat, extending cubes, exercise DVDs and much more) and walking tour apparel (with pre-loaded iPod Nano or Shuffle, town walking manual, pedometer and much more). Guests in the Affinia Dumont have access to an in-house nutritionist.

EVEN Hotels

It requires inspiration as well as the ideal surroundings to keep that fitness regimen on the street. Take a look at EVEN Hotels, a health lifestyle hotel, which had started its first four possessions (two in NYC and one each in Maryland and Connecticut) in early 2014. As you’ll find nutritionally loaded menus equipped with sleep in your mind, you will also find various fitness choices. Each one of the places will feature a fitness center in addition to a “flex area” using TV-and-staff-led classes. In-room gear like yoga mats, foam rollers, and workout balls will be regular in each area, along with a “health wall” will record details regarding health options in. Furthermore, the hotel also provides hotel jobs for personal trainers and exercise gurus so you can be sure that you will get all the assistance that you need while using the fitness facilities.

Gansevoort Hotel Group

When you stay at one of Gansevoort’s three possessions (two in NYC and one in Turks and Caicos), then you will have access to imaginative physical fitness courses at Exhale Mind Body Spa, a powerhouse in the fitness business and founder of a line of DVDs for home exercises. Class options include heart fusion barre, heart fusion cardio, heart fusion sports and heart fusion yoga at the spa fitness studios. Even though you are going to need to cover courses, you are going to find a $10 off on every and every one. For those who stay in Turks and Caicos, you may also make the most of the Get Fit hotel bundle, which comprises core fusion classes in a beachfront, open-air pavilion, exotic massages, special spa beverages, and healthy breakfast and fresh fish every day.

Few resorts are too serious about fitness as Westin. For starters, you can reserve a signature WestinWORKOUT space (anticipate a small upcharge), that includes a treadmill or stationary bicycle, dumbbells, gym DVDs, resistance bands and stability balls. Feel like working out with other people? Pay attention to the RunWESTIN running app in which a jogging concierge leads guests scenic runs, typically past the town’s iconic landmarks. Or if you would like to hit the sidewalk by yourself, you can request three-mile and five-mile walking/running paths in the resort. In case you want to pack your sneakers or attire, cough up $5, and then you’re able to borrow New Balance running shoes (with disposable insoles) along with an assortment of New Balance apparel for women and men. Like Fairmont, you could try asking for basketball singlets, and they might just provide them for you. And for people who have signed up to get a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Westin provides VIP marathon packs.

Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

Here is a new twist — plus a waist-friendly one in the — on area service: When you call the front desk in a Sheraton, you can request the free Gym-In-A-Bag with tools that will assist you to log a fantastic sweat. You are going to find a book packed with mat, exercises, resistance ring, massage rod along with foam roller. As soon as you’ve got those on your area, turn on the TV and visit the in-room, on-demand exercise videos and internet training applications out of Core Performance, a company that designs strength and conditioning training programs for athletes of all levels. And should you need to order room service, Sheraton’s Color Your Plate program includes meals normally under 500 calories using a minimum of 3 colors from veggies and fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and wholesome fats.

Best Spots and Activities For Adrenaline Junkies in Australia

If you’re A lover of holidays that get the heart racing, it is difficult to beat Australia as a travel destination. Fearsome wildlife, dizzying heights, and underwater adventures await intrepid travellers that wish to experience life at full tilt. Strap on your safety harness and provide these actions with a go if you are seeking a real adrenaline buzz.

  1. Skydiving

Ever wondered how it feels outside the airplane window, Skydiving is the activity that gives you a totally different view for a height. Enjoy birds-eye perspectives of the land down below while freefalling at rates up to 200km per hour, and you will never be the same. Even though the trip only lasts for a couple of minutes, you will remember it for many years to come. There are a lot of heart-pounding locations in Australia which are popular with skydiving enthusiasts, including Queensland’s Mission Beach. This permits you to enjoy views of the Great Barrier Reef and pristine shore on your descent.

  1. Swimming with Crocodiles

Have a dip in some crocodile-infested waters in the Crocosaurus Cove Animal Park in Darwin, Australia. You will be protected by a cage but still get the experience of coming face to face with these creatures that are mythical.

  1. Driving in Sand Dunes

If you prefer taking a joy ride to jumping from an airplane, Australia presents numerous off-roading paths to explore. Yet some of the most exciting are on its gigantic sand dunes, such as the Stockton Bight Dunes near Nelson Bay. With 32 miles of 40-metre dunes to handle, you can make a day of it. You’ll need a sturdy 4WD vehicle to try your hand at off-roading, so consider looking at a local listings site like Carsales to choose something suitable to handle the dunes. Other than sand dunes you can have a good off-road drive in south Tasmania and enjoy the southern lights in some of the cheapest Luxury accommodation in Tasmania.

  1. Mountain Climbing

Although its shores tend to get more focus, Australia also boasts numerous mountain ranges to research. The Grampians, Blue Mountains, and Glass Mountains all offer magnificent views and sheer rock faces to climb. There are guided tours, or you can set out on your own with the correct gear but make certain to notify a park ranger first.

  1. Hitting the Waves

Ultimately, there might be no longer standard Australian action than surfing. Even though you’ll find no lack of gentle waves for beginners, visit shores in Western Australia or Hobart to try your hand at 20-foot-high waves. You can also enjoy all the thrills of life below the sea by swimming, diving or snorkelling. After you enjoy your time in the water relax at the Luxury Day Spa in your hotel.

  1. Raft the Franklin River

This wild and gorgeous river remains a victory of the ecological movement. In the 1980s, enthusiastic activists led a successful effort to protect the river from being dammed. We all might be able to enjoy a few days of holiday due to their efforts. Wildlife in the area includes wallabies, platypus and black cockatoos. Trips typically include 5-10 days and operate the whole 125-kilometre span of the Franklin River into the Gordon River through a pristine wilderness of eucalyptus forests, tranquil pools, and roiling rapids. There is no need for any rafting experience, though individuals must assist portage in the wilder sections of the river, a few of which are Class VI rapids. Trips include gear, meals (usually prepared with fresh local produce) and expert guides. There are similar place in Tasmania with beautiful rafting locations that are also known for its Romantic Wedding venues Tasmania with open skies and beautiful sunset.

  1. Abseil from the Blue Mountains, NSW

Face of a limestone cliff to the blue haze of a World Heritage wilderness area is an unforgettable adventure. About 50 km from Sydney Blue Mountains National Park is among the city’s top day excursions and encircles the iconic Three Sisters stone pinnacles, plunging valleys, waterfalls, and eucalyptus forests extending as far as the eye could see. Tours include lessons, security briefings and all the essential equipment. The canyoning, rock climbing, and mountain biking tours are also offered.

  1. Snorkel with Whale Sharks in Ningaloo

Imagine Gliding effortlessly along with a gentle 10-meter-long whale shark, the largest fish on Earth. At Ningaloo Reefoff Western Australia’s north shore, it is possible to make this dream come true. Often overshadowed by the famous Great Barrier Reef, World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Coast encircles the world’s longest fringing reef with 200 species of hard coral, 50 species of soft coral reefs, and a dazzling array of tropical fish. Dugongs, turtles, dolphins, manta rays, and whales can also be located in the park, but the highlight is the whale sharks that swim these waters, typically between April and August. When the whale sharks are seen from a plane, a ship zips you to the ideal place, where you can overlook your snorkel or dive equipment, dive into the clear blue depths, and float through a fizz of bubbles within meters of these graceful animals. If you really want to explore the place plan a long stay you can easily find cheap waterfront accommodation.

  1. Walk the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Standing attractions arouses the senses. Coils along the shore, salty sea air bristles your skin, and you may actually feel the splendour of the stunning city. Pre-climb prep talk, all of the safety equipment, a photograph on the 134-meter-high summit, And interesting stories about the history of this bridge on the way. (Did Rocketing to global stardom?) Along with day climbs, you can select from sunrise, twilight, and night ascents to get a different perspective of the City.

Savy Business Travel Tips to Save Headaches

Create a HotSpot for Personal Use

Many establishments such as hotels and airports have free WiFi for people on the go; however, for those commuting on public transportations will find it inadequate. If your cell phone does not have a WiFi hotspot feature, you have the option to use mobile devices that connect to cell towers for internet connection on your laptop while travelling. Most of these devices require a data plan while others, like the Verizon JetPack offer prepaid plans. This way your private cloud computing is more secure than with a public wi-fi connection.

Use Messaging Apps for Communicating

Expenses for sending text messages while travelling overseas could cost a fortune.  You can use alternative applications such as WhatsApp Messenger, freeware and cross-platform instant messaging without having to pay for SMS.

Use Prepaid SIM Cards

Another way to minimize costs on overseas calling is to use a prepaid SIM card that allows access to your carrier’s overseas network for that country. It can keep your cellular charges comparable to your usual cost.

Use Prepaid Phones

Kiosks for renting or buying prepaid phones are available in most airports.  Just be sure to read the fine print of the cellular plans to verify the price.

Use Services Like Skype

Communication Apps such as Google Voice and Skype can provide low-cost calls, as low as a penny a minute. Google Voice, which requires a Google account, allows you to tie several phones together under one number. Another helpful app for a business traveller is Skype. It is useful for conference calls on the go with low cost calling anywhere there is an internet connection. Business computer support is always available, especially for services such as Skype or Facetime.

Hotel Discounts and Savings Tips

Online booking for hotels through websites are now trending, however, these prices are subject for change depending on the season and the amount of business coming in. Though they do not guarantee the lowest prices, at least you will have an idea on the price range for accommodation in the area.

Travel During the Off Season

One helpful tip to minimize travelling expenses is to visit a place during the off-season. This may differ from place to place especially in tropical countries. The weekends are often the off days in “business” cities. It is best to contact the local hotels directly to get the best prices.  Large retail shops also offer a lot more discounts in the off-peak as it allows them to try and attract more customers via sales and running promotions.

Shop Anonymous Hotels

If you are not particular about the type of hotel you would stay in, check sites like Hotwire, where you can search what you want by the general area and the star ratings for quality. Though the hotel will be anonymous until the booking process is completed, the savings can be considerable.

Hunt for Non-obvious Sources of Discounts

AAA and AARP members are known to get discounts, servicemen and other professions may receive courtesy discounts as well. Coupons and vouchers are available online or by print for checking. Some restaurants give away brochures for tourist sites site and often include hotel coupons.

Some courier services and office supplies may offer discounts through a partner program. You may also avail discounts through your credit card provider or related reward programs.  There are many sources for discounts and coupons that you can use if you know where to look. It’s also good to ask your booking agents if any discounts are available.

Ask for Reduced Rates When Possible

Most hotels are now adding services for your room that could have extra charges that can accumulate. Amenities such coffee maker in your room, internet access, use of gym or pool facilities and other things will cost extra. If you do not plan to use these services, ask if you can remove them from the accommodation package and get a reduced rate.

Call Before Leaving

If you booked in advance, call to check if the rates gave changed before leaving for your trip.

Compression Sacks

With the charges for various airline services increasing, minimizing extra costs for checked bags is rational. It is best to maximize your carry-ons since they are usually free. You can also use compression sacks that allow you to fit in as many items as you can in a very limited space. You can even fit a week’s worth of clothes if properly organized.

Ostrich Pillow

The ostrich pillows allow people to nap comfortably anywhere and is ideal for comfort during long hours of travel, blocking out light and sound. You can also use sleep phones, comfortable bed-friendly headphones, which wrap around your head, covering your eyes and funnelling music to your ears. Check for the ostrich pillow or some other innovative travel gear.

SeV Woman’s Trench Coat

Trench coats are not only fashionable and comfortable; they can be nifty as well. Scott e Vest trench coat has one for men and women. It has several pockets to carry items for people on the go. With this stylish coat, you can discreetly carry small items like your keys, wallet, camera, cell phone, tablet, and even a water bottle.

Travel Kits

Travel kits are ideal in keeping small items and toiletries organized. It allows you to bring along a complete on-the-go regimen such as small bottles for shampoo, conditioner and other liquids in quantities that will pass TSA inspection in the airport. Commercial agents travelling for business to commercial properties all across the nation use these as they are small and convenient.

The Train Reaction

You may need more than one bag for your clothing if you are leaving for an extended business trip. This is where the Train Reaction comes in. It allows you to link two suitcases together and you can even put a smaller bag on top. It’s very handy for pushing through crowds and narrow passages compared to pulling separate suitcases.

How to Spot Savvy Car Rental Savings

Check Out Smaller Companies

You don’t have to engage with major car rental dealerships like Avis and Hertz when renting a car. You could save up to fifteen percent or more with lesser known companies such as Payless or Fox. A new car rental company that’s coming in the market is the German company Sixt.  It is opening offices in the SE United States.

Find Discounts and Coupons

Promotional codes and coupons for car rentals can be found if you know where to look. You can start at and Search for the rental company and coupon code. Inquire about discounts available, such as AARP, AAA or for professions such as the military. Coupons and promotional codes can be combined in some establishments. Just as commercial property management would look for ways to cut costs for the client and give them a better return on their investment, that is what coupons do for a business traveller.

Interesting Sports to Try Whilst Travelling

1. Falconry: When visiting California this is a must see or do sport vs hunting hybrid sport. Should you supposed this game went the method of chariot races and gladiators, consider again. In the West Coast Falconry Center at Marysville, California, students are schooled in a variety of species of birds of prey in addition to the best way to operate with a trained hawk who sits and flies into the glove when called. These birds are highly trained and intelligent, you will be amazed at the skills and accuracy embedded in these animals.

2. Dressage: If you ever visit Spain venture to the famous dressage competitions for a day on entertainment. While the majority of people have seen the magnificent balletic moves of dressage horses, so it is rare that a non-equestrian may let you know what that pas de deux between rider and horse really is or how it’s mastered. Fortunately, this can be remedied in the Epona Equestrian Centre in Spain in which they instruct both beginners and pros alike.

3. Petanque: France is known for interesting wonders and this sport is not excluded. It is an interesting style of lawn bowls you could say but you really need to see it in action to understand. Nothing says “France” just like a bunch of serious-looking, aggressive guys standing around a sandbox using a cigarette in one hand and a petanque ball at the other. If you are not brave enough to ask them to teach you how you can play, consider calling a company such as the Federation of Petanque USA to get a couple lessons with the regional club prior to going.

4. Fencing: The UK is home to the best fencing athletes in the world and while it might not be much help in a modern day road battle, this game of kings will provide you a fantastic workout. We advocate London’s Blades Club at which the price of entry to a “Taster Session” could be put on your first two or three lessons. What is cooler than wielding a long metal sword and poking your opponent?

5. Caber Tossing: Scotland is a great country to travel to and we promise you don’t have a wear a kilt to try this sport. Unless you just happen to understand how to throw a nearly 200-pound log into the atmosphere and have it land with total precision, we urge a couple of practice sessions in Mavis Hall Park at East Lothian, Scotland. It is fun to watch people hauling logs with ease when it actually requires great strength.

6. Croquet: New Zealand, the green paradise, whilst there is no royal family to play croquet with the beautiful scenery will make up for it. Whilst it has a reputation for being somewhat twee, do not expect to have the ability to maintain a teacup and then play at precisely the exact same moment. Players in this portion of the earth take their bisques, hoops, and peg outs badly, so be ready.

7. Orienteering: Sweden is the destination for the adventurous individuals who like camping or for those who have the patience of an extremely enthusiast, athletic saint, orienteering is your greatest mind/body sport. Equipped with compasses, participants browse via a predetermined route set up by organisers, frequently through some gorgeous terrain. You will feel like you’re on a school camp but way better.

8. Rowing: Travel to Boston not just for the typical tourist attractions but if you would like to feel like you’re at the opening credits of a film, virtually nothing surpasses this one. Nevertheless, it is a serious game that needs not just endurance but evidence of swimming skills (just in case), so be certain that you’re up for the job prior to beginning. Community Rowing, Inc. at Boston is a wonderful place to get started.

9. Basketball: Los Angeles is the place to see the famous Lakers do their thing on the court, whip out your basketball singlets and join in with the fan action by seeing a game at the famous central stadium, or join your own team and get some cool custom design basketball uniforms to rock.

10. Snowkiting: Germany is the place for extreme snow sports if skiing and parasailing had an overachieving infant, it’d be snowkiting. Challenging, entertaining, and totally glorious to observe, participants in this game are guided across the snow from the sails of a kite. Schools abound in this region are multiple so you won’t have any trouble finding one.

11. Bullfighting: In California, you can witness these aggressive animals if you adore the elegance but despise the violence, then we urge the Dennis C. Borba cruelty-free procedure of studying. Even though you will receive your Hemingway second from the ring, the method here is charged as “bloodless.” Just don’t forget, however, that is the college’s name for this, not the bulls’.

12. MMA Wrestling: Travel to the USA and wrestling is a hugely popular sport to watch and participate in. Learn some new skills at a wrestling training gym or give Greco Roman wrestling a go for something new.

Bring the Hamptons Home With Coastal Interior Design

Hampton style has always been favored by most people who live near the coast. Patrons from Gold Coast, Tweed Coast or Byron Bay prefer this elegant and sophisticated design.  Defined by easy going, relaxed beach ambiance but done in a chic manner, your home can be the perfect match for this decorating technique.

When designing Hampton style homes, think of beauty and splendor but in a clean and refined way. This classic style is timeless and divine and is seen a lot in Perth interior design, among other areas of Australia.

To achieve this coveted style in your home, there is quite a lot to consider. It’s all about choosing the perfect hues, upholstery and decorations and coastal home interiors. Keep in mind that Hampton style is close to minimalism with style. Make sure not to go overboard. Think about bringing together a relaxing beach house and a suite draped with luxury.  You can be your own interior designer mastering house design. If you are looking for inspiration, read on these essential decorating tips as well as key elements to pull off the Hampton style in your own home.

Keep it White and Neutral

The Hampton interior design is attained with white and neutral colors. It focuses on keeping things light and breezy with plenty of sunlight.  Walls are usually painted white and timber floors are all part of the look.

The neutral look can also be layered with lighter tones and shades. Make sure to turn down color. You cannot use colors like bright orange or purple. Utilize ocean-inspired colors or beach color palettes. This can add up to the clean and relaxed feel of a Hampton home.

Natural Texture is the key

Working with natural texture, brings a soft touch to the space. It’s best to go with natural materials like jute, sisal or light colored linens. You some natural items like shells or driftwoods.

Incorporating the natural elements creates a sense of comfort and ease.  You can use pieces that display the natural look such as jute rugs, linen sofas, timber tables, wicker furniture and woven baskets. Make sure not to use too much and veer into the shabby chic ambiance.

Throws, oversized cushions and rugs can also add texture to your welcoming space.

The Perfect Lighting

To maintain the natural lighting, refrain from using heavy drapes.  The goal here is to let as much sunlight in as possible. Keep window treatments discreet and opt for sheer drapes or exposed windows. The breeze coming in from the windows also provides a soothing feeling.

Lamps can also be used to illuminate your home. You can choose natural fabrics, wood or ceramic for the base.

Add Personality

Though the Hamptons style veers towards minimalism, you can still add your personal touch through artworks and beach theme décor.  When choosing artwork, opt for pieces with shades of blue to compliment the coastal feel. Use pieces that make you think about the beach or the coast for that personal touch.  Always remember that our home is an extension of who we are.

Keep these essential tips to create the stunning and sophisticated Hampton style home you always dreamed of.

Ways to Fight Acne Whilst Traveling

Traveling may be harsh and brutal on the skin. When you are on the street, you expose yourself to more sunlight and more components which are potentially detrimental to the skin. It is particularly true during summertime, once the humidity and heat rise dramatically. The skin responds to weather fluctuations. The chilly months usually leave skin drier than normal. The summertime, on the other hand, frequently pushes the skin to produce more oil. And of course, the hot stuffy air makes us sweaty. The perspiration and oil may clog the pores. In case you’ve got acne-prone skin like me, you may end up dealing with frustrating pimple breakouts in the midst of summer.

If you are hitting the beach or the street this summer, here are a few pointers that will assist you to fight, or even prevent, the ever-annoying pimple breakouts whilst traveling!

Do not Over Wash Your Face

When we feel sticky and sweaty, we’ve are inclined to wash our face frequently. From time to time, too frequently. Ideally, you need to clean your face once or twice every day but through summer, we are inclined to overdo it. Over washing can irritate the present pimples and may dry skin too much. After the skin is too dry, the human body produces more oil to compensate, which fuels the endless cycle of becoming oilier and washing over and over. The outcome, breakouts. Wash your face twice per day but also make it count by ensuring you use the proper products that are for adequate acne treatment.

Keep up Your Anti-Acne Routine

Many of the people I know leave their acne products at home when they’re traveling. Depart from your styling gel, your own hair wax, your cologne. But do not leave behind your anti-acne products. You need to continue your skin-care routine regularly even if you’re not at home. They do not occupy much space anyway. Simply set them in a little container whenever they are too large and you are flying. No matter your skin-care routine is, you need to be able to maintain it when traveling. Otherwise, if you leave your anti-acne essentials in your home, you are going to be defenceless if a breakout occurs.

Try not to Touch Your Face

When traveling, we allow our hands research and touch many things. We pick up a souvenir from the store. We eat with our hands. We grasp to stones, railings, whatever is there. And of course, we continue touching bills and coins. All these are inevitable. But do not touch your face. The dirt may irritate skin and cause pimples. Throw in some perspiration and sebum and you’ve got the ideal recipe for a breakout! Wash your hands frequently, too.

Wear Lightweight Comfortable Clothing

How does clothing correlate with pimples? Well, for starters, you must remain comfy always whether you are travelling or at home. If you are prone to acne, then you may want to know that there’s a kind of acne which can develop when the skin rubs together with your own clothing. Called acne mechanica, it’s brought on by the friction or pressure on the skin once it rubs along with different items like your own clothes. You may prevent it by wearing cotton.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water Is vital for all the organs within the body to function correctly including the epidermis. Water washes away toxins and other harmful substances within the body, and this may reflect in your own skin. In any case, you need to always have a supply of water prepared anyway even when you’re not fighting acne. You do not need to get dry while traveling.

Shower Prior to Going to Bed

Following a day of swimming and exploring and doing everything summery, do not you hit the sheets without even taking a shower!

Have a shower before going to bed. If I did not highlight it enough, allow me to state it again, perspiration may irritate pimples. Clean your body after a long day of sunlight. Utilise body products with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur- the most effective ingredients which may fight pimples and decrease breakouts. That is about it. You may also wish to go simple on the moisturiser and prevent wearing cosmetics.

Caring for skin should not cease when you are traveling, particularly in the event you’ve got acne-prone skin. If anything, you need to be more protective of skin. Summer would be the most enjoyable of all of the seasons, however the last thing you need is a breakout destroying the experience for you. If you are having a major breakout crisis it will be worth consulting a skin doctor before you travel to minimise worse case.

Don’t eat too Much Junk Food

We are all guilty of overindulging and eating cheaply whilst traveling which may cause more problems than just bad skin. Don’t forget to eat fresh food and plenty of vegetables to keep your insides happy and therefore your skin happy. What you put inside you body really makes a difference and as stated above drink plenty of water to balance out the excessive salty and sugary foods you might be consuming. It doesn’t mean you must turn against convenience, just choose healthy prepared meals instead of fast food chains and street food.

Two Amazing Aussie Spots You Need to Visit

Australia may be a massive country with as many amazing adventure spots as there are people. But below, is my favourite two outdoor adventure spots that I reckon take the cake for being the most exciting and stunning

4WD Touring: Snowy River National Park

From hard off-road paths to riverside camping and great bushwalking tracks, Snowy River NP has everything.

A brief but oh so sweet High Country encounter is your best way to describe this four-day experience in Snowy River NP. It’s everything: with hard off-roading that will require 4wd accessories to cross the rocky Deddick Trail; a few of the greatest riverside campsites you’ll discover in Oz (Little River Junction camping area is amazing); some fantastic bushwalking tracks; also, if you are eager, the opportunity to encounter one of this nation’s most famous lakes.

Snowy River NP is readily obtained from the north (Jindabyne, NSW) or the south (Buchan) and, even if you’re in a rush, you could probably induce the Deddick in 1 day, however to do this is a disservice to the park’s numerous other attractions. Even the Deddick Trail leaves out of McKillops Bridge and can be tough; needing an ecb nudge bar or other bull bar to get through certain bits. There’s also exceptionally steep segments which are frequently heavily rutted and, even if there’s not been much recent rainfall, very slippery, so it is going to test your driving along with your car’s grip aids (and retrieval points should you get stuck!) . The benefits would be the wonderful high-country terrain along with the terrific views after the Deddick gains elevation. (Notice: that the Deddick Trail is closed between June to October.

This track isn’t the only way to traverse the park; you can select to handle a little section of the Deddick south of McKillops Bridge and then flip on Bowen Flat Road and then Monkey Top Road, looping around to Yalmy Road prior to making your way into the beachfront area in Raymond Falls.

To reach Jacksons Crossing, you need to take the Gelantipy Road, which will feed into the western side of this national park, before turning into Running Creek Track. Instead, Jacksons Crossing could be reached from Raymond Falls into the south, through a streak of fire paths.

Canoeing the McKillops Bridge into Balley Hooley part of The Snowy River is a must-see encounter; even though the river is much stronger than its pre-dam days, the current increasing of water amounts from the Snowy Hydro Scheme has made the paddle a more daring one. It is possible to camp on the sandy banks of this river, or intend to meet your own 4WD-based car seat heater loving companions in Jacksons Crossing or alternative vehicle-accessed camping areas on the way. For bushwalkers, the Snowy River Trail is well worth mining, and the considerably shorter stroll into Little River Gorge (Victoria’s deepest), only off Bonang-Gelantipy Road, is a must-do.

Family camping: The Murray River

Recommend: All year

Australia’s longest navigable river runs through three States, from NSW and throughout Victoria before flowing into the Southern Ocean in South Australia. The Victorian segment is enormously popular with campers and outdoor enthusiasts for several reasons: the quantity of free (and paid) campsites across the river means regardless of where you visit, it rarely feels cramped; the water activities available (canoeing and proximity to water skiing or riding on a historic paddle steamer); the fishing (1500km of shore between Wodonga and the South Oz boundary, in accordance with Parks Vic — remember to also buy a fishing permit); swimming at a few of the lake’s beaches nearby Albury-Wodonga; and each of the on-ground activities encompassing it (walking, MTB, cycle touring, etc.). Insert the easy entry, and you’ve got the perfect a family camping destination.

The Murray River meanders through a selection of landscapes as it makes its way throughout Victoria. In the alpine areas of the Upper Murray (one of our favorite areas of the river) into the more spacious and arid Mallee area around Mildura, camping at several locations along the Murray is a wonderful way to view the river and its environs shift — and also the way the river creates such a massive portion of every area you camp in. The absolute variety of national parks and state parks which encircle the mighty waterway permit for a number of campsites; the Upper Murray is a brilliant kick-off tip for any camping road trip across the river, together with the campsites in Jingellic Bend (obtained via Shelley Road, from the Murray Valley Highway), Bullock Flat and Burrowye Bend offering a more distant texture. These campsites are rather popular chiefly because they give excellent put-in points for canoes/kayaks, but accommodate easy access meaning you’re not going to damage the automotive leather of your beamer or bog your station wagon.

The Kurrajongs (from the northern part of Mount Lawson State Park — a playground which also provides a lot of hikes and bush-based camping) is a huge campsite further west of Burrowye Bend on the lake which has comparable watercraft attractions, and more amenities.

If you take prepared meals and venture slightly farther west to Mount Granya State Park you do not just have a great riverside campsite at Cotton Tree Creek, but also accessibility to the 10.4km-return increase that contributes to the peak of Mount Granya, through quite Granya Falls. Proceed to Albury and you also begin to access a number of the Murray’s famous beaches — and get the opportunity to restock camp provisions from the supermarkets there– prior to after the river farther on its westward journey.

The area centred around Mildura is my second favorite Murray River destination; the absolute range of activities available here, in addition to the trendy camping and abundance of wildlife and birdlife, imply that you could easily spend two weeks simply ambling from campsite to campsite. The reservations encompassing this famous inland town come under the collective of the Murray River Parklands and, though largely day-use locations, make for the ideal excuse to handle some town-based camping as you research them. The reservations offer you excellent fishing and paddling with Murray Cod and Golden Perch are located here — but be conscious of catch limits and also have your fishing permit as this isn’t some Melbourne fresh food store where you take whatever you want, with so many Carp in the region these native species need to be protected.

Venture farther west after the Murray and also you will Go through the remarkable Mallee region of Victoria — its own deserts and open spaces are a huge contrast to the rugged, heavily timbered mountains of the Upper Murray seen and the commencement of your Murray camping trip. Together with the broad river surrounded by enormous river red gums, little islands dotting the river itself, and The opportunity to experience a genuine outback sunset, finishing off your Murray River Camping experience with a couple nights camping at a few of the national parks here — Hatta-Kulkyne and Murray-Sunset are must-stays — are the perfect end to this significant camping experience.

The Best Cities to Buy Shoes in

For shoe devotees/fanatics whatever you wish to call us — we can discover divine shoes anywhere in the world but for those people in the know, there are a few essential (and occasionally lesser-known) areas to include on any itinerary, which are certain to deliver complete shoe nirvana for those true devotees of the sole!

We reveal our collection of the top 10 cities and their shoe precinct secrets that will assist you with your journey of the ‘sole’.



Shoes made in Spain have a five-star standing, which is borne out in the city of Barcelona. Here the leather is of fantastic quality and the rates aren’t outrageous, and on top of that, this calibre tracks across all types of shoes from ballet shoes and flats to nosebleed high wrap heels – Barcelona has got them all.


The key areas within the town’s CBD which will expose the shoe devotee into the biggest array of styles and prices are:

  • Rambla Cataluña and Paseo de Gracia
  • Uptown Maestro Nicolau, Bori Fontestá,
  • Portal Del Angel
  • Via Augusta


Buenos Aires

In another Spanish speaking area, Buenos Aires supplies a massive array of high-quality leather at reasonable rates. The Mecca for this Southern town of men’s and women’s shoes is Calle Murillo – a road with leather stores which also provide extensive tailoring services. Murillo 666 is the most recognized, but there are a massive number within easy walking distance and these enable some aggressive bartering opportunities. For discerning menfolk, Buenos Aires boasts the great Mocasines Guido – an institution since 1952 and a global reputation, has allowed this particular shoe artisan to start three sites throughout the city.



Danish design places and pushes boundaries and its own capital Copenhagen, showcases this across its structure, home wares, women’s shoes and fashion. ILLUM’s Shoe Heaven from the town’s center is the place to visit for any self-respecting shoe enthusiast to access an unbelievable choice of international brands and layout newcomers.


Whilst in Copenhagen make certain to see Storm. Renowned as one of the major lifestyle and fashion shops in Europe, Storm is far more than a retail area. With proprietor Rasmus Storm acting as catalyst and mediator, it’s a conceptual stage where commercial and artistic expressions match and new design concepts are adopted — so in case you would like to tread beyond the box why don’t you explore some of Storm’s shoes at which there’s 1 set where the outsole is inspired by an inner tube of an inflatable tyre.



This Northern Italian town retains the monopoly on handmade footwear, and shoe shopping. In this terrific city full of cobbled streets and alleyways, your Pilgrimage to get a one-of-a-kind, designed for only your foot, Holy Grail kind of shoe will be fulfilled. Stefano Bemer is the place for you to reach this, and he’ll handcraft shoes onsite and then travelling internationally in the event you need any refitting sessions! This is true devotion and reverence for the ‘Sole’.


Hong Kong

If you’re travelling through Asian climes in particular Hong Kong, there are loads of bespoke shopping adventures that include some regional influences – a terrific spot to do this is the Fang Fong Projects in Central Hong Kong. Stocking women’s fashion including excellent shoes from local tag Fang Fong, this shop combines contemporary design with tasteful Asian bits. If you’re after some more hip places for your shoe shopping, visit Star Street Precinct in Wanchai and St. Francis Yard.



While London can claim Oxford and Carnaby Streets and Savile Row within its fashion credentials, Regent Street and Jermyn Street provide a slightly more upmarket mid-priced shoe shops that will make certain to pleasure a follower of the ‘Sole’. Jermyn Street is famous for men’s clothing stores and men’s dress shoes and is especially famous for its bespoke shirt manufacturers like Benson & Clegg and shoe stores like John Lobb.


New York


New York and purchasing are obviously synonymous–with all these alternatives, all budgets will find a way to spend way too much, and that’s just on shoes. You can lose hours wandering about hip and groovy SoHo and get a big-name designer shoe deal when you’re there, or see the huge names of Prada and Chanel in their flash Fifth Avenue locations. If you’re on Fifth Avenue, any shoe aficionado must go to the top floor of Saks — their shoe section is so big, it has got its own zip code!



Paris is the home of flagship stores for some of the most renowned fashion labels in the world, the majority of which are situated in the 8th arrondissement. Beyond these namesakes, visit the more hip-happening 3rd arrondissement like Merci for a mixture of high style and quirky shoes; or the narrow, cobblestoned streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés includes a fantastic choice of designer shoe shops well worth a trip.



So to Shop like the natives, be certain you head into the Via del Governo Vecchio– this is Rome’s answer to New York’s Soho. Like its American counterpart, this area is filled with cobblestoned streets with loads of smaller side roads to get lost in and shed a couple of hours in gentle shoe shopping pursuits. In this region is the Via dei Baullari, home to several great shoe stores. The best one is Loco — despite being small, there’s still a fantastic choice of great shoes. Loco stocks funky sneakers, crazy cool boots and stilettos.


As we outlined before, the people of Spain are fairly committed to their sneakers, and when visiting Seville, a shoe fancier should visit Plaza El Salvador. Between the plaza on Calle Sagasta, shoe shops abound! Prices range from 10-200$ (depending on the make and caliber) and there are lots of styles which range from espadrilles to stilettos. Make certain to include the inner city shopping areas of Sierpes and Tetuan in addition to at El Corte Inglés where there’s a fantastic range of smaller, artisan shoe shops with original and exclusive brands that are not too pricey.


Where Not to Wear your Heels

So, we have sourced some lesser known places for you to attain shoe purchase Nirvana, but notice the journey to reach this heightened state of shoe retail Euphoria will need some serious foot slogging. Fortunately, besides Paris and Rome, your sole journey can be completed in more comfortable footwear. A proper sandshoe or walking shoe (no white shoes – highlights your tourist status) is very acceptable, especially in New York where you will Fit in with the local office employees.

The World’s Best Metro Systems

In the single, circular line of Glasgow into the cobweb-like network that is London, underground train systems have been a cheap, dependable and convenient way of transport for a long time. The London Underground, also called “The Tube,” celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013. Having stood the test of time that ranks it among the best metro systems in the world due to excellent quality management systems and platforms, what about others?

Copenhagen Metro includes a driver-less rail system that runs 24 hours per day. Sao Paulo Metro carries 3.3 million passengers every day on a reasonably small track of 74 km. With the lowest carbon impact on the planet for metro networks, Montreal has it. But what other systems rank among ‘the best’?

  1. Hong Kong

Praise for Hong Kong’s MTR gushes from every traveler who has ever set a toe inside the immaculately tidy, well-signposted, cheap, regular, convenient system that connects most corners of the city, from the crowded intestines of Wan Chai to the rural(ish) villages of Tai Po. There is free Wi-Fi in every channel, facilities like tactile flooring and braille plates for travellers with disabilities and public washrooms, stores, banks and takeaway food outlets within many channels or near their exits.

There is no timetable for commuters – trains only turn up every few moments, earlier during peak periods – and it is dead easy for visitors to obtain a ticket through the automated machines. It’s possibly the world’s handiest Airport Express service, with departures every 10 minutes or so. And then there is the Octopus card – maybe the world’s greatest transport payment system, which may also be utilised in convenience stores, restaurants and other areas. Cities such as Melbourne should yell with jealousy.

The website provides handy one-day itineraries for Hong Kong tourists eager to shop, eat or find the local culture. Often the walk from one concourse to another can be lengthy, some channels becoming ridiculously crowded during peak hours (hinting at TST, Causeway Bay here!). But that just gives more time to watch and wonder as this 211-kilometer, 150-station system deals easily with its 3.4 million passengers daily.

  1. Seoul

Seoul’s metro system has TVs, heated seats and mobile phone services. Operated by three different companies (two of these state-funded), the Seoul metro system carries almost 7 million passengers every day on nine lines. Along with being one of the only metro systems in the world with mobile phone Wi-Fi and service, many of the Seoul subway trains are outfitted with TVs and are climate controlled. We love the toasty, heated seats in the winter.

Many subway planners come to Korea and are really blown away from the technology that they have in place, expertly designed through thorough software testing and agile test management. Jung-whan Kim from Seoul Metro’s media group said that it’s a significant showpiece for Korea’s focus on IT. Considering how obsessed the town is with nightlife, the downside is the early closing time – about midnight on weekdays, a bit earlier on weekends.

  1. Singapore

The Singapore Mass Rapid transit (SMRT) is probably the quickest way to explore the city. Following an amalgamation of several transit-service-providers in 2000, after intensive agile and managed testing services, SMRT has risen to 600 million passengers each year. Some use it to seek refuge from the heat outside, lapping up the air-conditioned comfort. The machine has demerits for lack of EZ-Link ticket card machines in some stations. This has meant regular lengthy lines for travellers needing to top up or purchase a ticket.

  1. London

The London Underground was the world’s first underground railway, opening in 1863. The London Tube was the world’s first underground subway, starting in 1863 and they have not done terribly much since. However, air-conditioned carriages been released, alongside intermittant Wi-Fi sign.

However, for history, for good underground busking and for something relatively cheap in a costly city, it’s difficult to beat. Despite all the grumbling, the Underground ferries over 1 billion journeys annually. Not bad for something that old.

  1. Paris

Roughly 4.5 million people travel on the Paris metro daily. The City of Light’s subway is unusually dense, with 245 channels on 14 lines, in only 87 square km of town. Parisians, apparently, do not like to walk. With over 1.5 billion passengers per year, Paris Metro is from the top-five for busiest city-rail providers on the planet.

Although some points are lost for the Paris Metro as it does not having automatically opening doors. This hints at the typical age of the carriages and indicates a need to invest a bit on upgraded project and construction management systems.

  1. Madrid

A giant mural of Spanish flamenco artist Paco de Lucia are available in Madrid’s Paco de Lucia station on the Line 9 of the subway. At 294 km, Madrid has the sixth-longest subway system in the world. But in addition to that is another 386 km of suburban rail services.

All up, Madrid’s railway serves 1.5 billion passengers each year with 21 lines and 396 channels. Impressive, especially given that Madrid’s population is just 6.5 million. The underground stations are so enormous that they can hold public events, like the three-day exercise festival in May 2011, which brought 2,600 visitors. One station comprises a 200-square-meter archaeological museum. Madrid Metro has the most escalators of any system in the world, a whopping 1,656.

Road Tripping through the Great Ocean Road and Yarra Valley

Eleanor Watkins is a senior travel expert; on November 2016 she took a trip to Melbourne and Victoria before delving deeper into the south-eastern Australian state.

After taking in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city, she started a road trip taking in the Yarra Valley and the Great Ocean Road. Here is what she thought about her time away.

Explain the journey:

We packed in a lot. We drank coffee in a range of Melbourne’s wonderful cafés, ventured out into the beautiful Yarra Valley for wine tasting and a breathtaking view of the landscaping in regional Victoria, and went back in time on a tramcar dining experience– all in one day.

We checked out the street art-covered laneways and saw Melbourne from a regional’s point of view with a Hidden Secrets strolling tour. We ate in China Town, filled with cranes and construction workers who were taking full advantage of their approved insurance for owner builders in the  busy street, and took a sundown stroll along the Yarra River. It is definitely worth scratching the surface of such a cosmopolitan and cultural city that balances rural and urban landscapes so well.

After 2 days we headed west in a two-van Maui convoy along the Great Ocean Road. The windy stretch of road went past Bells Beach and on to Apollo Bay, which is gorgeous and if a visitor lacks time, this drive is well worth it, simply just to absorb some of the Australian beach culture and a mandatory fish and chips dinner on the beach.

En route to Port Fairy we took a detour into the Great Otway National forest to get up close to Australian wildlife, with our guide Shane from the Great Ocean Ecolodge. We came across a mob of kangaroos, spotted sleepy koalas and in a protected corral met an endangered Tiger Quoll.

Shane and his group are working on stabilising and bringing back the ecosystem in the national forest. A main part of this includes raising awareness of the plight of this little marsupial that was the native pinnacle predator of the area prior to the introduction of cats and foxes. Another part of the project involves a bit of landscaping. Building man-made homes or even retaining walls in the forest for the animals to hide behind may assist in saving the lives of these little guys.

The gem of any Great Ocean Trip is stopping to admire the waves crashing against the splendid 12 Apostles and the very best time to check it out is early morning or late afternoon. The shorelines of soft limestone cliffs have actually been worn down by the unrelenting Southern Ocean, developing these amazing rock stacks that seem to rise out of the water.

That evening we rolled into another Big 4 camping site for the journey to Port Fairy. This is a fantastic chain of camping areas with backyard for the kids, hot showers, laundry and communal cooking areas being renovated under a new warranty insurance for builders according to the owners.

Wishing to make the most of Port Fairy’s dining establishment scene, we discovered an exceptional pizza location, Coffin Sally, which is popular with locals and holidaymakers alike. To help digest our dinner we went for a walk and headed through the dune to the lighthouse on Griffiths Island, a stunning island not too far from the main town, well worth a picture, and make sure you stop to spot wallabies hiding in the grass.

The next day we said bye to Victoria and headed on into South Australia to complete our Australian experience.

What was the most memorable part of the trip?

The very first day was magnificent. We chose to combat jetlag by going on a Yarra Valley Wine Tour. Our guide, Nick, was fantastic – amusing, sharp, and extremely experienced. We swirled, ate and drank through four different vineyards, culminating with bubbles at Domaine Chandon.

After an afternoon of R&R, we got on board the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne for a one of a kind dining experience. The fusion of old-world appeal and contemporary Australian food is wonderful. We had a scrumptious four-course meal accompanied with more fine Aussie wine while going through the city and suburban areas.

What did you not anticipate on your journey that pleasantly shocked you?

Food and beverages were such an unforeseen emphasis. Everything is fresh, fascinating and abundant and you do not have to pay a lot to obtain outstanding quality. The real warmth and hospitality of the locals is outstanding, everybody we saw was friendly, accommodating and super helpful.

The World’s Biggest Man-Made Marvels

Fulfilling Shelley’s visitor from an antique land

As a school child in the Fifties, I needed to find out and recite Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ozymandias”. This poem has actually amazed me since. After retirement in 1996, on holiday in Luxor, I naturally needed to “search my Functions ye Mighty and misery”. The remains of Ozymandias remain in the Temple of Ramesses II, a brief taxi flight from the hotel I remained in.

I admired the engineering, building used by a crane and other equipment and transportation of 1,000 lots of pink granite throughout 170 miles of desert from Aswan. I stood in marvel as I lastly came, if not face to face, then a minimum of feet to foot with this amazing being.

Little did I understand, 40 years on, that exact same school child would remain in the desert, where “absolutely nothing next to remains around the decay of that enormous wreck, limitless and bare, the only and level sands extend far”. Of such occasions vacation memories are made.

Ethiopia’s mystical stone-hewn Jerusalem

Envision excavating a church below ground level from a single piece of rock. Lalibela in Ethiopia has not simply one, however 11 rock-hewn, monolithic churches. Developed by King Lalibela in the 12th century, they were his re-creation of Jerusalem so people would not need to journey to the city.

Our guide, Eskedar, led us down a high, rough course and we checked out the north-eastern cluster Bet Medhane Alem covered 800 sq m and had 72 pillars, while the wall paintings in Bet Maryam were still noticeable. In the south-east, Bet Abba Libanos is stated to have actually been built overnight by Lalibela’s spouse, helped by angels. Lastly there is the separated Bet Giyorgis, created in the shape of an in proportion cruciform tower.

The churches are still utilized for praise and seeing them loaded with white-robed priests and fans on Timkat, the Ethiopian Surprise, was a memorable experience.

An ancient marvel right on our doorstep

I have actually seen the Great Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Structure and the mosaics in St Mark’s in Venice, all breathtaking; however the most impressive location I have actually gone to is the Shell Temple/Grotto in Margate, Kent. This strange underground area is covered with figures, wall hanging art and and signs made from shells pushed into cement blended not with water however with animal or fish oils. One corner was bomb-damaged, however hardly any repair with crane+hire has actually been required. Found by school children in 1835, its age doubts and no one understands who built it. Many authorities concur it is pre-Roman, most likely Phoenician.

The author Marie Corelli called it the eighth wonder of the world, and it’s on our doorstep. Drop in it.

Motivation and hope in Bosnia

The Old Bridge (Stari The majority of) at Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a Unesco World Heritage Website and a great stone monolith even without the history and significance it holds. A bridge that symbolically signs up with East and West, it is set in the middle of Eastern Ottoman and Western European architecture and showcases serene partnership in between Eastern Orthodox Serbs, Sephardic Jews and Bosniak Muslims.

The bridge is made even more poignant by its damage in the Nineties war and the reunification of the city in 2004 when it was reconstructed. It is a sign of motivation and hope.

An awesome shrine to Buddhism in Japan

Without a doubt the most remarkable manufactured marvel I have actually seen is the Todaiji temple in Nara, Japan. It’s the biggest engineered timber structure worldwide and, glimpsing it from a range, it takes a while to capture your breath. When you get nearer, you see the most amazing statue in the nation and potentially the world, the Daibutsu, or Giant Buddha. It never ever cannot impress.

There are numerous big manufactured marvels, obviously, however this is on a more human scale and resonates with commitment and decision.

Empty echoes of brutalism in the Baltic

The Thirties Nazi beach resort of Prora, on Germany’s Baltic island, Rügen, is the longest structure complex worldwide. It is motivating in a melancholy method instead of uplifting, a purposeless shell that was never ever utilized, all human effort squandered, a 2 1/2- mile stretch of harsh concrete.

Its prize-winning architecture was planned to house 20,000 employees on holidays supplied by the program. All spaces under the timber frames neglect the shimmering Baltic and ideal beaches. Ballrooms, pool, casino and dining establishments were all part of the strategy.

Prora was never ever inhabited; the break out of war saw the release of the structure groups to rocket setups along the coast rather. Now prime real estate of a museum with modular exhibition spaces, brand-new vacation advancements and the biggest hostel in Germany, it is still mainly deserted– and artistically graffitied.

You can roam through Prora, the unfortunate wind sighing in the pines and lizards scuttling in the sand. Stroll the lonesome beach, looking for slivers of amber, poignant antiques of the past.

Great tourist destinations in Mexico

It is true that we are living in an age where each single day passes away at a lightening fast pace. This pace is ever increasing with the passage of every single day. But there is no dearth in our interest in travel and tourism. As a matter of fact, tourism as an industry is gaining momentum all around the globe. In this regard the South American country of Mexico needs a separate mention for itself.

The World Tourism Organization has declared Mexico to have one of the biggest tourism industries in the world. There are ample reasons as to why so many people every year take to Mexico vacation and why travel to Mexico is ever gaining in popularity.
There are several Mexico destinations of great tourist interest that makes one’s proposition of a travel to Mexico something more than being worth the bill. Among these are the city destinations, the Mexico destinations on and around the beach areas, the destinations of great historic and cultural importance, and so on. As a result there are great variations that you cannot miss as you are traveling in Mexico and enjoying the exploits that this country ahs in offering for you.

Some of the great city destinations in Mexico are the capital and federal district of Mexico City, Oaxaca, Morelia in Michoacan, Zacatecas, Chiapas, Puebla, Guanajuato, and so on.
Mexico City, one of the most populous cities in the world, is also one of the greatest places for tourists to be in. There are several places of great tourist interest in the city. For instance there are the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun, the Mexican National Palace, Plaza de Toros Mexico, and regions like El Palenque, La Zona Rosa, or El Zocalo. Apart from these, there are several sites that bear good deal of relics from the Aztec civilization. As the capital of the country, Mexico City also has some of the best Mexico hotels where the tourists are provided with all sorts of facilities. This city is connected aerially to almost all important cities in the world. So, getting in to the city will be no problem at all. Other important cities are well connected with this capital city by an appreciable network of railway and regular bus services.

There is a good reserve of beach areas in the country and beach activities will keep you glued to the great Mexico destinations like Puerto Escondido, Cancun, Acapulco, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Mazatlan, and so on.

There are several Mexico resorts of top quality in these locales. The natural beauty of these beach areas is enough to capture all sense of appreciation of any traveler. Add to this the range of beach activities including snorkeling and surfing. Transportation to and from these places is pretty appreciable. Since so many travelers every year visit these destinations, the infrastructure for transportation for these places is quiet strong. The same can also be said for the destinations that are known for the Meso-American relics as well as evidences of the works of the Aztecs.