If you’re A lover of holidays that get the heart racing, it is difficult to beat Australia as a travel destination. Fearsome wildlife, dizzying heights, and underwater adventures await intrepid travellers that wish to experience life at full tilt. Strap on your safety harness and provide these actions with a go if you are seeking a real adrenaline buzz.

  1. Skydiving

Ever wondered how it feels outside the airplane window, Skydiving is the activity that gives you a totally different view for a height. Enjoy birds-eye perspectives of the land down below while freefalling at rates up to 200km per hour, and you will never be the same. Even though the trip only lasts for a couple of minutes, you will remember it for many years to come. There are a lot of heart-pounding locations in Australia which are popular with skydiving enthusiasts, including Queensland’s Mission Beach. This permits you to enjoy views of the Great Barrier Reef and pristine shore on your descent.

  1. Swimming with Crocodiles

Have a dip in some crocodile-infested waters in the Crocosaurus Cove Animal Park in Darwin, Australia. You will be protected by a cage but still get the experience of coming face to face with these creatures that are mythical.

  1. Driving in Sand Dunes

If you prefer taking a joy ride to jumping from an airplane, Australia presents numerous off-roading paths to explore. Yet some of the most exciting are on its gigantic sand dunes, such as the Stockton Bight Dunes near Nelson Bay. With 32 miles of 40-metre dunes to handle, you can make a day of it. You’ll need a sturdy 4WD vehicle to try your hand at off-roading, so consider looking at a local listings site like Carsales to choose something suitable to handle the dunes. Other than sand dunes you can have a good off-road drive in south Tasmania and enjoy the southern lights in some of the cheapest Luxury accommodation in Tasmania.

  1. Mountain Climbing

Although its shores tend to get more focus, Australia also boasts numerous mountain ranges to research. The Grampians, Blue Mountains, and Glass Mountains all offer magnificent views and sheer rock faces to climb. There are guided tours, or you can set out on your own with the correct gear but make certain to notify a park ranger first.

  1. Hitting the Waves

Ultimately, there might be no longer standard Australian action than surfing. Even though you’ll find no lack of gentle waves for beginners, visit shores in Western Australia or Hobart to try your hand at 20-foot-high waves. You can also enjoy all the thrills of life below the sea by swimming, diving or snorkelling. After you enjoy your time in the water relax at the Luxury Day Spa in your hotel.

  1. Raft the Franklin River

This wild and gorgeous river remains a victory of the ecological movement. In the 1980s, enthusiastic activists led a successful effort to protect the river from being dammed. We all might be able to enjoy a few days of holiday due to their efforts. Wildlife in the area includes wallabies, platypus and black cockatoos. Trips typically include 5-10 days and operate the whole 125-kilometre span of the Franklin River into the Gordon River through a pristine wilderness of eucalyptus forests, tranquil pools, and roiling rapids. There is no need for any rafting experience, though individuals must assist portage in the wilder sections of the river, a few of which are Class VI rapids. Trips include gear, meals (usually prepared with fresh local produce) and expert guides. There are similar place in Tasmania with beautiful rafting locations that are also known for its Romantic Wedding venues Tasmania with open skies and beautiful sunset.

  1. Abseil from the Blue Mountains, NSW

Face of a limestone cliff to the blue haze of a World Heritage wilderness area is an unforgettable adventure. About 50 km from Sydney Blue Mountains National Park is among the city’s top day excursions and encircles the iconic Three Sisters stone pinnacles, plunging valleys, waterfalls, and eucalyptus forests extending as far as the eye could see. Tours include lessons, security briefings and all the essential equipment. The canyoning, rock climbing, and mountain biking tours are also offered.

  1. Snorkel with Whale Sharks in Ningaloo

Imagine Gliding effortlessly along with a gentle 10-meter-long whale shark, the largest fish on Earth. At Ningaloo Reefoff Western Australia’s north shore, it is possible to make this dream come true. Often overshadowed by the famous Great Barrier Reef, World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Coast encircles the world’s longest fringing reef with 200 species of hard coral, 50 species of soft coral reefs, and a dazzling array of tropical fish. Dugongs, turtles, dolphins, manta rays, and whales can also be located in the park, but the highlight is the whale sharks that swim these waters, typically between April and August. When the whale sharks are seen from a plane, a ship zips you to the ideal place, where you can overlook your snorkel or dive equipment, dive into the clear blue depths, and float through a fizz of bubbles within meters of these graceful animals. If you really want to explore the place plan a long stay you can easily find cheap waterfront accommodation.

  1. Walk the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Standing attractions arouses the senses. Coils along the shore, salty sea air bristles your skin, and you may actually feel the splendour of the stunning city. Pre-climb prep talk, all of the safety equipment, a photograph on the 134-meter-high summit, And interesting stories about the history of this bridge on the way. (Did Rocketing to global stardom?) Along with day climbs, you can select from sunrise, twilight, and night ascents to get a different perspective of the City.

Best Spots and Activities For Adrenaline Junkies in Australia
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