Not so long ago, fitness enthusiasts were given a low priority as hotels offered the most basic, frequently run-down fitness facilities. In these scenarios, the absence of a designated workout area meant that you may have relegated to performing squats down the hallway, running up and down the staircase (with the persistent fear of being locked inside the staircase) or developing a mini-gym in the hotel room.

Welcome to a new age of hotels. In recent years, hotels have listened to the requirements of fitness-minded travelers — 53 percent of street warriors say they always or frequently exercise on the street, with 52 percent phoning the resort gym their favored exercise area, as per a TripAdvisor poll — and therefore are upping the ante in their exercise supplies.

For starters, the number of hotels with fitness centers — 84 percent to be precise — reached an all-time large in 2012, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association. That is up from 63 percent in 2004. However, while fitness facilities are fine, some resorts are pulling all the stops to assist guests to remain healthy and fit. And this trend occurs around the world too, with the best hotels in Hobart, Tasmania, upgrading their gyms to cater to this need.

Four hotels within our list of hotels provide free bike rental. Others have the choice of reserving rooms with gym gear such as elliptical and stationary bicycles — and to get a few, light equipment like exercise balls and yoga mats are normal for many guests. If you would like to lighten your bag, leave your fitness clothing at home when you’re staying in some of our choices: chains such as Trump and Westin are you covered (check for availability, of course).

TRYP by Wyndham

Get your physical fitness fix privately — in your area, no less — so you can exercise if the mood strikes. Just reserve a touch Fitness Room (you are going to need to pay slightly additional) at any of those 100-plus TRYP locations around the Earth, and your area will come stocked with a workout machine (such as a stationary bike, rowing machine or treadmill) and free exercise clothes. There is also enough space to do Olympic wrestling, for example.

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

Staying fit in Fairmont requires little besides a telephone call to the front desk where you could ask Fairmont Fit. You will then get Reebok workout clothes and apparel, an MP3 player pre-loaded using songs, and yoga mat and extend band you’ll be able to use throughout your stay. (You need to be a part of this President’s Club, which will be absolutely free. When you register you are going to be asked to complete your attire sizes so that info can be obtained to Fairmont staff when you call.) Hell, perhaps they would even provide you with basketball jerseys if you ask them for it. Really like the gym equipment? You have the choice to buy it. Place that equipment to function when you check out a free BMW Cruise Bike, available at Fairmont places around the globe. (President’s Club members gain priority access.) Or if you are fortunate enough to remain at a place that delivers this, choose an advanced exercise course (fees may employ) like Aerial Yoga in Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona in which you make use of a hammock suspended from the ceiling, or even Floating Yoga in the Fairmont Orchid on Hawaii’s Big Island where you can do yoga on stand-up paddleboards.

Affinia Hotels

This boutique chain with locations from New York and Washington, D.C. takes bike-friendliness into another level. Not only do three Manhattan locations provide free use of custom-made Affinia bikes, complete with helmet, lock, and record of bicycle parking, but they also offer you the assistance of a “bicycle counselor” who directs guests on guided town bicycle tours. In addition to this, all Affinia places offer you free “experience kits” upon petition, such as a fitness kit (with a yoga mat, extending cubes, exercise DVDs and much more) and walking tour apparel (with pre-loaded iPod Nano or Shuffle, town walking manual, pedometer and much more). Guests in the Affinia Dumont have access to an in-house nutritionist.

EVEN Hotels

It requires inspiration as well as the ideal surroundings to keep that fitness regimen on the street. Take a look at EVEN Hotels, a health lifestyle hotel, which had started its first four possessions (two in NYC and one each in Maryland and Connecticut) in early 2014. As you’ll find nutritionally loaded menus equipped with sleep in your mind, you will also find various fitness choices. Each one of the places will feature a fitness center in addition to a “flex area” using TV-and-staff-led classes. In-room gear like yoga mats, foam rollers, and workout balls will be regular in each area, along with a “health wall” will record details regarding health options in. Furthermore, the hotel also provides hotel jobs for personal trainers and exercise gurus so you can be sure that you will get all the assistance that you need while using the fitness facilities.

Gansevoort Hotel Group

When you stay at one of Gansevoort’s three possessions (two in NYC and one in Turks and Caicos), then you will have access to imaginative physical fitness courses at Exhale Mind Body Spa, a powerhouse in the fitness business and founder of a line of DVDs for home exercises. Class options include heart fusion barre, heart fusion cardio, heart fusion sports and heart fusion yoga at the spa fitness studios. Even though you are going to need to cover courses, you are going to find a $10 off on every and every one. For those who stay in Turks and Caicos, you may also make the most of the Get Fit hotel bundle, which comprises core fusion classes in a beachfront, open-air pavilion, exotic massages, special spa beverages, and healthy breakfast and fresh fish every day.

Few resorts are too serious about fitness as Westin. For starters, you can reserve a signature WestinWORKOUT space (anticipate a small upcharge), that includes a treadmill or stationary bicycle, dumbbells, gym DVDs, resistance bands and stability balls. Feel like working out with other people? Pay attention to the RunWESTIN running app in which a jogging concierge leads guests scenic runs, typically past the town’s iconic landmarks. Or if you would like to hit the sidewalk by yourself, you can request three-mile and five-mile walking/running paths in the resort. In case you want to pack your sneakers or attire, cough up $5, and then you’re able to borrow New Balance running shoes (with disposable insoles) along with an assortment of New Balance apparel for women and men. Like Fairmont, you could try asking for basketball singlets, and they might just provide them for you. And for people who have signed up to get a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Westin provides VIP marathon packs.

Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

Here is a new twist — plus a waist-friendly one in the — on area service: When you call the front desk in a Sheraton, you can request the free Gym-In-A-Bag with tools that will assist you to log a fantastic sweat. You are going to find a book packed with mat, exercises, resistance ring, massage rod along with foam roller. As soon as you’ve got those on your area, turn on the TV and visit the in-room, on-demand exercise videos and internet training applications out of Core Performance, a company that designs strength and conditioning training programs for athletes of all levels. And should you need to order room service, Sheraton’s Color Your Plate program includes meals normally under 500 calories using a minimum of 3 colors from veggies and fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and wholesome fats.

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